Paralysed Driver Tapes Foot On 500HP Skyline Accelerator And Drifts It Like A Champ

With no fewer than 500 HP under its hood, this R32 Nissan Skyline is what you might call a perfect drift car.

This idea came from the Hoonigans YouTube channel, after meeting up with Rob Parson who lost the ability to walk after a dirt bike crash. The guys from Hoonigan duct taped Rob Parson’s foot on the gas pedal of this Skyline so that he could drive it (or better yet drift it).

Unfortunately the scene unfolds somewhere towards the end of the 20-minute long clip, but if you’re curious to know how the former motocross rider and drifter performed, you’ll be pleased to see that he did quite well, drifting the R32 like a champ, continuously.

At the end, Parson topped things off by doing a few donuts around one of the Hoonigans, who went on to say that it was the coolest thing he’s ever seen.

So while taping your foot to the gas pedal of any car might seem like a horrible idea, in this case, it worked out quite well.