Australian Biker Shows How Not To Turn Your Motorcycle Around

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Showing off has a tendency to bring on bad karma, and one motorcycle driver in Australia has learnt that all too well.

According to AOL, the incident took place at a car wash in Jimboomba on Monday night. As you can see in the footage, the motorcycle rider was attempting to turn his bike around by accelerating on the slippery surface.

The noise attracted the attention of a customer in the next bay, who poked their head over to see what was happening. According to the report, the customer then yelled at the motorcycle driver to knock it off.

This apparently caught the motorcyclist off guard, as he let go of the front brakes and sent the bike crashing into the wall. The impact doesn’t appear to be too hard, but it’s slightly comical seeing the driver struggling to pick up the bike from the wet floor.

Once the rider successfully picks up the motorcycle, we can see it has sustained some damage in the collision. He fled the sense shortly thereafter and, thankfully, the only thing that appears injured is his pride.


WATCH: CCTV captured the moment a man damaged his motorbike at a car wash in Queensland.Posted by 9 News Perth on Monday, June 19, 2017