Jaguar I-Pace Production Starts At Magna Steyr

Jaguar is getting ready to take the Tesla Model X by the horns with the all-new I-Pace.

Previewed by a concept that debuted last year in Los Angeles, the final production version of the electric SUV hasn’t been shown to the public yet, but this hasn’t stopped the automaker from putting it into production, as reported by AutoNews.

In charge with putting it together is Magna Steyr’s Austrian plant, where assembly has already commenced, before the first units of the I-Pace will arrive in showrooms across Europe by the end of the year, and after it will make its world premiere at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. Jaguar will also bring it in the United States, but don’t expect it sooner than the second half of 2018.

“The acceleration is unbelievable; it is faster than Tesla. You press the accelerator and it pushes you back into the seat. The steering is very agile and nimble, and you don’t feel the mass of the car”, said Magna Steyr’s President of Vehicle Technology and Engineering, Karl-Friedrich Stracke.

“The chassis performance is gorgeous. It’s unbelievably quiet. There is some fine-tuning going on with the suspension, but that’s normal work. I am 100 percent certain it will challenge a lot of cars on the market today.”

Underpinned by a dedicated electric platform, the Jaguar I-Pace is expected to pack 400 horses and 516 pound-feet (700Nm) of torque, which should allow it to reach 60mph (96km/h) in some 4 seconds. Its 90kWh lithium-ion battery pack is believed to provide it with a total driving range of 220 miles (350+ km).

Note: Jaguar I-Pace Concept pictured


  • Kagan

    How can it be faster if it takes 4s?

    • Owen Hamilton

      Because with the 75D model, the Model X does it in 6.0 seconds, the 90D does it in 4.8 seconds.

      • Kagan

        Aren’t they faster hmm

        • Owen Hamilton

          No, the article says 4 seconds.

      • Kagan

        So you talk about x I meant s

        • Bash

          It doesn’t compete with s

    • I’mCallingYouOut
    • KareKakk

      The Magna-boss really can’t say anything else… “It is so slow and way too heavy, but we get paid for building it, so we don’t care that much.”

      That would be the end of that manufacturing contract…

  • Marc Gruben

    I know it’s perpetuating a stereotype, but the idea of a British electric car just doesn’t bode well with me. Kinda like German humor, French courage, and North Korean freedom.

  • Kim Conrad Jorgensen

    On the positive side: I would take the Jaguar any day over 95% of the ICE models on the market today, incl. all the 2 ton plug-in hybrids with their 10-30 km range. In that light, I would welcome it as another proper EV to the market and I hope to see many more soon. It’s worth noting this one is from tiny Jaguar, the rest are still resting on their laurels.

  • Sébastien

    more likely to compete with model Y

  • BlackPegasus

    If they stick to this concept design, the I-Pace will be among the most desired cars on the road. I wouldn’t buy one until the 2nd-3rd model year. By then the tech should be refined and the defects should be remedied.

  • Bash

    Cool, can’t wait to see it in person.

  • alexxx

    beautiful beautiful car

  • TheHake

    I just LOVE the look of this thing. If only it had an engine instead of a hoover motor.