VW Says It Makes No Sense To Sell New Polo In U.S.

Volkswagen says it has no intention to introduce the all-new, 2018 Polo in the United States.

Speaking to Automotive News at the hatchback’s global premiere in Berlin, Volkswagen global sales boss Juergen Stackmann said that the price level of the segment in the United States is “ridiculously low.”

“It doesn’t make too much sense for us to bring a car like this, which has the substance of a class higher, into a segment that is so price driven in America,” he said.

According to Stackmann, it makes more sense for the automaker to continue to offer the Golf as its entry-level model in the United States, particularly since half of all Golf sales locally are for the GTI version.

“This is essentially where we start [in the U.S.]. Therefore, it makes little business sense to bring the Polo to the U.S. currently,” he commented. As it stands, Volkswagen remains focused on SUV and sedans in the United States, said Stackmann.


  • sidewaysspin

    You won’t lose anything, the Polo is a vulgar and very cheap rental car in Europe it’s everywhere it’s like a fridge with wheels the most boring thing on the road that you don’t ever notice it, and this one looks exactly like the last one.

    • Able

      A Polo being VULGAR!? You’re on something mate….

    • TheHake

      I respectfully disagree.

  • atomicbri

    Why I know the Polo may not make a lot of sense for the US, for him to say “The Golf is essentially where we start in the US” it’s because that’s the only place you’ve ever started in the US, idiot! So you can’t say the smaller cars wouldn’t work here as they’ve never been sold here. VW still has no clue about this market after all these years. It’s amazing these people are in the positions they are in, getting paid what they do, yet still can’t make a marketable strategy here in the US. Look how Hyundai and Kia have transformed themselves here. Come on VW stop with the excuses all the time and make products for the US. MINI is very successful at small premium cars. So that’s no excuse.

    • KareKakk

      How about the VW Fox back in the days?

      • atomicbri

        Ah the forgotten Brazilian import, the Fox (Gol). Yes it was so unmemorable I forgot of its existence. Again, a perfect example of VW just throwing product at the American market to see what would “stick”. With its low sales it didn’t last too long here as most people at the time liked the Jetta in the US.

    • alexxx

      half the Golf sold are GTI….So,he is saying that people doesn’t buy lesser golfs and by that logic they would not buy even lesser and smaller car… he is vw global sales boss because he is smart and thinks before he acts not because he rushes into things…

      • atomicbri

        Lol. I don’t know about smart… they have yet to get the US market right in sales.

  • Puddingpopper

    Fine guess i’ll get a new focus St in 2019, I’d pay good money for a new hatchback that isn’t huge, but I guess VW is only interested in selling cheap cars in the US

    • TheHake

      Focus is Golf-sized. Not Polo sized.

      • Puddingpopper

        But the polo is MkV golf sized and I like that as a MkV guy. My logic is flawed only by what car companies decide to not market in the US

        • TheHake

          The Polo is not quite Golf V size, but still, the new Focus is the same size as a Golf 7. So if you buy a Focus ST, you can just as well buy a Golf GTI. Just saying.

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    I get what he’s saying.
    In Europe (especially UK) you can fleece customers by making out that all that soft touch plastic is worth a couple of thousand extra.

  • Bash

    Is it only me that see the new polo as the (golf) that I always wanted and like!!
    It reminds me of some older models really, I had one silver golf -VR6

    • TheHake

      I want this Polo with a VR6!

  • VW fools as usual…always underestimating and misunderstanding the US market…

  • Prices are so SofaKing Low…!

    ” the price level of the segment in the United States is “ridiculously low….”

    Good for consumers… Imagine if Europeans could buy VWs at US prices?

    • TheHake

      I don’t want an American VW…

    • You get what you pay for…sit in a European VW vs North American and you will wonder if you are sitting in the same car…i.e., North American version has cheap and decontented interior…

  • Benjamin B.

    🙁 very sad

    Ford might not even offer the Fiesta here for much longer

  • Alexander Carabitses

    At the end of the day, overall sales of subcompact hatchbacks are down in the US, due to the rising sales of subcompact crossovers. This is why Ford is also strongly considering to not sell the new Fiesta in the US (although a final determination has yet to be made). Also, the profit margins on this class of vehicle are barely existent. Damn shame none the less