Aston Martin Valkyrie Preview Reveals Aero Changes And Interior

A few days ago, an image popped up online showing the front end of the production-spec Aston Martin Valkyrie, almost a year after the concept car’s online premiere.

Now, footage has surfaced from a private customer previewing the upcoming hypercar, revealing its interior, gullwing doors and a host of differences between it and the concept. Starting with the cabin and doors, the clip shows that the Valkyrie will get an F1-inspired steering wheel with a digital display and make do without any kind of traditional gauge cluster. Additionally, we can see a large central screen on the dashboard as well as individual screens on both sides of the cabin, suggesting that they’ll be used instead of traditional wing mirrors.

At the rear, the modifications to the Adrian Newey-designed car are comprehensive. The underbody aerodynamics have been overhauled and the car has a much more prominent diffuser and a larger rear wing. Additionally, the location of the exhaust has been moved from just behind the cabin to the edge of the decklid. More traditional taillights are also present.

Final changes to the car include new wheels, a larger carbon fiber front splitter and an altogether more extreme design, necessary to achieve the project’s lofty downforce goals.

It is difficult at this stage to know what, if any extra changes will be made to the hypercar before customer deliveries begin in 2019, but we expect a handful of modifications.

Although the design could still change, the powertrain won’t. That means a 6.5-liter naturally-aspirated V12 engine will see its way through to production, alongside a KERS system developed by Rimac. All up, the Valkyrie will deliver about 1,000 hp and weigh just 1,000 kg (2,205 lbs).


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