Lamborghini Urus To Debut On December 4, First Deliveries From Mid-2018

Lamborghini is reportedly going to reveal the all-new Urus on December 4 at the company’s Sant’ Agata HQ.

The first cars are also expected to be delivered to customers from mid-2018, according to Stefano Domenicali who spoke at the Automotive News Europe Congress.

Lamborghini is currently experiencing a major turning point in its history, as it races to double production capacity at its factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese, ahead of the Urus launch.

Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali, who was the head of Ferrari’s F1 Team, said that he’s using his F1 experience to push the company further than ever before. “When the flag falls you have to start racing. The same is true for car production. Delays are not accepted anymore,” he said.

The new Lamborghini Urus will be priced from slightly below 200 thousand euros ($223k in current exchange rates) when it launches and Domenicali expects to sell around 4,000 units annually.

This represents a big leap from the 3,457 cars Lamborghini sold last year. The company’s goal is to sell more than 7,000 cars by 2019, which will bring Lamborghini’s volume to nearly the same level with Ferrari, which sold 8,014 cars last year.

Lamborghini is currently expanding their factory to twice its original size, from 80,000 square meters to 160,000 square meters, adding a new assembly hall, paint shop and logistics center. The company will also hire 600 new employees in the coming four years. “It’s a big job for us,” Domenicali said.

Domenicali also talked about the future range of Lamborghini models, saying that he could see the company launching a four-seat sports car “in the 2025 to 2030 horizon; we are already thinking about it.” He also wants to see a modern interpretation of the Miura being made, “but not in the next 5 years,” he added.

The biggest target for Lamborghini right now, according to Domenicali, is to reshape its brand image. “We used to be very polarizing. People loved us or hated us,” he said. “Now we are trying to be more cool, younger, but as always, different.”

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops


  • “Now we are trying to be more cool, younger…”


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    Being cool and younger by building SUVs? I understand that it’s the fad right now but not everyone wants and SUV