Live Out Your Childhood Dreams With This Original 1966 Batmobile

Many a boyhood dream has been filled with the idea of driving the Batmobile. Seldom does the chance to realize that dream come up, but that’s just what we have here – not just to drive the Batmobile, but to own one.

Listed for sale on JamesList is, technically speaking, a replica of the original – but it’s an official and recognized replica, built in-period.

Following the four replicas built by George Barris (who designed and crafted the original Batmobile), this fifth example was made in 1966 by a private enthusiast named Jim Sermesheim. Barris was evidently impressed with Sermersheim’s work, so he bought the car and put it on display and tour just like the four his company had made.

Robert Butts of Fantasy Cars bought it in 1986 and undertook a comprehensive restoration before its current owner acquired it two years later, holding on to it to this day. But now he’s put it up for sale – complete with everything from a Bat-Phone to a 5.7-liter V8, rated at 250 horsepower and hidden underneath a motorized hood, but sadly having nothing to do with the decorative rear turbine outlet.

It’s as faithful a rendition of the original Batmobile as you’ll ever find, well documented and faithfully preserved. And it can be yours for $250,000.

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  • Craig

    Holy Motorcar Batman!

  • fabri99

    “childhood dreams” – how old do you think we are, Carscoops!? 😉


  • Rick Astley

    Rest In Peace, Adam West

  • Big Black Duck

    I would luv to buy this,,,but parallel parking would be a b*tch

  • alecs

    BAT-MOBILE reencarnation without doubt is the Ford GT…