NEVS InMotion Concept Hints At Level 5 Autonomy

NEVS has unveiled the new InMotion concept at CES Asia.

Designed to show what a Level 5 autonomous vehicle could look like, the InMotion concept is a futuristic electric vehicle with large glass doors and enclosed wheels.

The exterior styling is certainly eye catching but NEVS mainly focused on the interior as fully autonomous vehicles are free to eschew common controls such as the steering wheel and pedal assembly. As a result, the company created an open and spacious cabin which is highly flexible.

As part of this flexibility, the InMotion has three different seating configurations including private, social, and meeting. The concept is also envisioned to be controlled by an app which allows users to adjust the seats, change the ambient lighting, and tweak the climate control system.

According to NEVS Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jonas Hernqvist, “This design is starting from an interior perspective, with the intention of showing how people can add quality to their lives by filling the time of travelling with value, and not wasting it by being stuck behind the wheel, sometimes for hours just to get across the downtown areas.”


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  • I’mCallingYouOut

    I feel car sick just looking at this. If I’m not in the drivers seat, I’m in the pukers seat.

  • Status

    It what’ll likely happen to the car with the way cities are redesigning themselves for increased population density instead of relying on cars for individualized transport. Pity about the outward appearance, but the intent of design that reflects the way cities will be 30 to 50 years from now is bang on.

  • datCubanguy

    I am gonna be doin a lot of walking if this is the future!