New Mercedes A-Class Spied With An S-Class Style Digital Dash

Mercedes is putting the finishing touches on the redesigned A-Class as spy photographers have snapped the model undergoing testing at the Nürburgring ahead of a possible debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Looking instantly recognizable on the outside, the hatchback has an evolutionary design but adopts slimmer headlights, door-mounted mirrors, and a steeply raked rear window. A closer inspection seems to reveal longer rear doors which hint at a more accommodating rear passenger compartment.

The interior is a hodgepodge of parts at the moment but the prototype has a thick-rimmed steering wheel, a digital instrument cluster, and circular air vents – all of which remind of the bigger E- and S-Class models. The car also has familiar switchgear, a push-button ignition, and an infotainment system with a relatively small display.

Set to become the first model in an extensive lineup of compact cars, the A-Class will ride on the updated MFA2 platform which is expected to be larger and lighter than the current architecture.

Engine options are expected to run the gambit from entry-level three-cylinders to powerful turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinders. Speaking of the latter, we can expect an A40 AMG with around 340 hp (253 kW) and a new A45 AMG developing more than 402 hp (300 kW).

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  • esuomenona

    So much plastic… I hope that frame doesn’t make it to production.

    • ashullll

      im assuming they’ll put the full size screens from the E class in the production model, because those look ridiculous.

    • europeon

      And with what exactly are they supposed to replace the plastic with?

      • Matt


      • Matthew Daraei

        They shouldn’t replace it. What they have to do is to cover it with leather, or use fiber carbon instead of plastic in some parts.

        • europeon

          You know how much would that costs? And btw, carbon fiber is still plastic.

      • TheHake

        Matt plastic. Not glossy plastic like that. It looks TERRIBLE.

        • europeon

          Still plastic, nomatter the finish 😉

          • TheHake

            I have no problem with plastic (I’m quite fond of dead dinosaurs) but fark, it shouldn’t be so shiny!

  • Akira

    I see they still haven’t understood how to make a digital gauge cluster. Just look at Audi or even Peugeot they’ll show how to do it. It’s kinda embarassing to pay top money to have two tablets glued together on your dashboard.

    • Matt

      I think when you actually sit in a new Mercedes and see that half the dash is high-res screen, you can see why you pay top money.

      Just because other manufacturers have digital clusters that ‘look’ like regular analogue clusters, doesn’t mean that’s the only way to do it.

      Mercedes’ approach to the technology is clearly working for them.

      In the case of these spy shots, you can’t read too much into the integration when it’s still in prototype stage.

  • Robert

    More baroque interior styling, I see…

  • Nordschleife

    Well this should quiet the people who hate the stand alone infotainment center………wait what am I saying. They will just complain about the bezel thickness or how it’s not integrated enough for their tastes. LOL

    • BobV12

      I hate tablet-like/standalone screen designs, and here I wanna shout YEEPEEEE it is an integrated screen !!!

      • Nordschleife

        Lol well I am glad you’re happy.

  • JJ

    Just look at that huge bezel…

  • eb110americana

    “Engine options are expected to run the gambit from entry-level three-cylinders to powerful turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinders.”

    I believe the phrase you are looking for is, “run the gamut.”

    Gamut: the complete range or scope of something.
    Gambit: a device, action, or opening remark, typically one entailing a degree of risk, that is calculated to gain an advantage.

  • Knotmyrealname

    I can’t believe those displays are part of the final package. They scream development mule item to me and I wonder if they’re a facade of what’s underneath.

    • TheHake

      I don’t know…. look at the edge. It’just like the screen setup of the E-Klasse, but with smaller actual screens. I REALLY hope you’re right because this looks terrible.

      • Knotmyrealname

        I hope I’m right as well. It bears no relationship to other forms in the IP. I hate it on the E-class as well. Don’t get it.

  • Mynameis Taylor

    I like the design. Let’s see what it’ll look like when it’s done

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