Next Land Rover Defender To Appeal To A New Generation

The design boss of Land Rover says that the new-generation Defender won’t just appeal to enthusiasts of the previous model, but will also attract an entirely new generation of buyers.

Speaking at the Automotive News Europe Congress in Barcelona, Gerry McGovern said that the vehicle is “not far away” and that an updated design will help to broaden its appeal.

McGovern revealed that the design of the 2018 Defender won’t simply be a “facsimile” of the discontinued model, suggesting that its design will be quite different yet still retain some emotional connection to the original. It is this combination of new-meets-old which McGovern believes will win over younger buyers.

“This was a vehicle that for a very long time was the emotional core of our brand. In order to move our brand forward we need to create desirable and relevant vehicles to appeal to a wider group of customers,” he said.

Last year, reports surfaced indicating that the new Defender will feature a longitudinally mounted engine and that it will have the same underpinnings as current Range Rovers.

No release date has been publicized, but a debut in 2018 is widely expected.


  • MarketAndChurch

    I wish the wrangler would have taken the same approach, or at least make the wrangler a family of vehicles, one of them being a contemporary 21st century design.

  • lucas

    Defender was not a veichle to have fun off road. It was for worker, you can even build a camper on it. Plese, don’t make it sissy.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Because it wasn’t very reliable, the current Landie was kind of an urban toy. Hopefully, that will change with the next one.

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