China Burning Through Fossil Fuels To Build Its EVs

China’s electric vehicle market is absolutely booming and by the year 2020, five million EVs could be on the country’s streets. Unfortunately, this EV push isn’t all positive.

Rather than many developed countries developing EVs which generate much of their energy and electricity from clean sources, China remains heavily reliant on fossil fuels to power its factories and overall, its electric vehicles actually consume more energy in their lifetime than traditional gas and diesel-powered vehicles.

Bloomberg reports that in the United States, the average electric car has about half the greenhouse gas impact of a conventional car over its life. In various parts of the country where renewable power is more prevalent, EVs have even less greenhouse gas impact. In China, it is a different story.

A study by Chinese engineers suggests that locally-built electric vehicles actually generate about a 50 per cent increase in greenhouse gas emissions and total energy consumption over their lifetime simply due to the dirty energy sources used to build them.

Evidently, China has a long way to come to match the shift to renewable energy of developed nations.


  • SteersUright

    Anyone surprised? Sounds about right for Chinese politics and policy. Their blind race for wealth accumulation for their few corrupt in positions to benefit is a race to the bottom. Their environmental care and concern has been repulsive and most Chinese who come into any wealth immediately buy properties where air and water are cleaner, only to pollute in the same manner in their new homeland. Has anyone seen Little China in Brooklyn? You can’t miss it. When you stumble onto street after street literally covered in trash you’ll know you’ve arrived. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it and I dont know how its tolerated.

    • Knotmyrealname

      Tolerate the trash or be branded a racist.

      • Auf Wiedersehen

        How is stating obvious known facts racist? I don’t think people actually know the meaning of racist anymore. Thank you all pandering politicians!

        • Althea Later


        • Knotmyrealname

          Yes, as Althea said, it’s sarcasm, but actually less so, more an image of how things are these days. Indeed, one should be able to state facts without being branded as bigots or racists. Sadly, it’s often not the case.

          • TheHake

            I agree with you! It’s not sarcastic at all. It’s a fact. Look at what Germany has become. Once-clean parks are now no-go areas because of ‘migrants’. But say something about it then you’re immediately a Nazi.

          • Auf Wiedersehen

            I was not aware of this…but it kinda brings my point. I mistakenly took Knotmyrealname’s comment as name calling, not a statement to SteersUright. I think we are all saying the same thing.

          • Knotmyrealname

            Angela has a lot to answer for.
            What was she thinking? But, we are getting off topic here.

      • SteersUright

        You’re right, and I was scared to post my comment. Being of mixed races, Im not racist and truly dont care where you’re from, what you look like, etc. Just dont. I do, however, care how much you care to respect your neighbors, your neighborhood, contribute, and behave civilized and respectfully. America and Americans aren’t perfect. But shit, we move to Paris on a whim in college and we try to learn French, feel French and date a pretty French girl or guy or whatever. We dont plant American flags everywhere, talk smack, burn cars, trash neighborhoods with filth, etc. Im all for immigration but damn, if you’re moving to escape some bad conditions at home, respect the country that offered you a new home! Treat it and its people respectfully, learn their language and customs, and show some gotdamn gratitude. Otherwise, prepare to get thrown the fk out. Look, we’ve all had those super respectful house guests and those utterly disrespectful ones. Our countries are our homes and the result of everyone’s contributions, efforts, and respect. If you want to move somewhere where you think they’re doing it right, bring the good from your own homeland, not the bad habits. Ok, rant over.

        • Knotmyrealname

          Hey Steers, if I was going to post any sort of explanation, I would have used those exact words.
          I 100% agree. It’s not racism, it’s about pure common sense and decency. Most people are told to respect your own and other people’s property, but somehow we should allow others with no such respect to trash the things we care for.
          I know this is getting wildy off-topic, but I just don’t get the bigger picture. What’s the end game here?
          Is it a purely economic plan at the cost of everyone’s sanity? Where do the world’s leaders see us being in 50 years time? Currently it’s looking bleak.

    • Althea Later

      Elmhurst and Flushing, too…. what used to be nice neighborhoods now covered with concrete with overflowing garbage pails and bags instead of grass and shrubs.


    • kachuks

      China outsourcing?

      You win today.

  • eb110americana

    I’ll believe that the factories pollute more than western ones, but how is that not also true for their fossil-fueled counterparts? The only component that is not supported by those conventional cars is the large battery pack. But engines have orders of magnitude more moving parts, and oil and transmission fluid derived from fossil fuels as well. There are some precious/rare-earth metals in batteries and some electric motors, but I have trouble believing that these offset all of the eliminated environmental impacts of conventional production.

    Every so often we see some report claiming that electric cars pollute more than gas. Reports which conveniently leave out all of the resources used to dig oil wells deep below the Earth’s crust, resources used to truck or pipeline raw crude to refineries, resources to refine that crude into gasoline, chemical additives and stabilizers which are blended by each specific retailer, and further resources used to transport that gas to stations all over the country–where still more resources are used to pump gas, bury giant storage tanks, recover fumes, and finally deliver gas to the customer’s car. I have no doubt in my mind that some of the most profitable companies in the world, and indeed there are entire countries whose financial well-being rests on economies of oil, have influenced these so-called “research reports” to further their own interests. I suspect the same motives here. Even if it is done through subversive manipulation of the so-called study by Chinese engineers.

    • Krisnadi Imam

      truth to be told, they dont have the means yet to generate clean electricity to fuel their energy needs. Nuclear power is still an iffy bit in their policy as well… so yeah. damn if u do damn if u dont scenario for them.
      They hold huge stake at the worlds environment situation, not as much as the US does, but still a large chunk. i just wish em good luck in finding good energy solution.
      Like it or not, the air pollution in china or anywhere in this world, have a global impact.

      • SteersUright

        Well said!

    • Knotmyrealname

      Spot on. It could almost be called ‘fake news’….

      • LeStori

        Air pollution from China ends up in the USA. So no cause for concern.

        • Knotmyrealname

          Like the depletion of the ozone over Australia was caused by the Northern Hemisphere’s excesses.

          • gary4205

            Depletion of the ozone! You sound like the lunatics who rant about chemtrails, GMOs, and shape shifting lizard people!

          • Status

            You sound like a lunatic who believes that an ancient cosmic Jewish carpenter rose from the dead and then flew up into the sky.

          • Knotmyrealname

            No Gary, I am the sort of person who lived in Australia and actually felt the effects of our almost non-existent ozone layer. Going out in the sun felt like someone spraying you with mild hydrochloric acid. Thankfully, the layer is regrowing.

          • SteersUright

            You’re really getting exhausting. Get off your high horse (literally, look at ur pic) and understand just because you’re old and well off, the rest of us have to inherit the dirty air, rivers, and oceans that artifacts like yourself from a greedy, free-for-all, environment-be-damned, profit-is-king, fk-earth era, have left behind. And yes, we will not readily accept it and will even, if we’re lucky, make you and your grandkids pay to clean it up again.

    • Infinite1


    • LJ

      Just because you have trouble believing something, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

  • Skeletor

    It would appear China’s push for electric vehicles is not primarily driven by concern for global warming, but rather to reduce air pollution in their big cities which is a more urgent and deadly problem?

    • gary4205

      No such thing as “global warming” but air pollution is a real and significant issue.

      • Status

        A bit different when you can see and taste the pollution, isn’t it Tex? Too bad you can’t see and taste your god.

  • Paid propaganda.

  • Knotmyrealname

    If China is aggressively expanding its renewable energy installations then that shows a disgusting lack of vision on their behalf. It wasn’t so long ago they were aggressively expanding their coal fired power stations and I believe (citation needed) they were commissioning them at a rate of 1 or so a week. What happens to all those now? Just bulldoze and start over? What a waste of energies.
    Actually, it was worse. Read on:

  • LJ

    But, but… aren’t they part of the Paris Climate Accords?

    • Silimarina

      Yes they are, and they didn’t pull out.In fact they are investing heavily in green energy. Try more, trumpster

      • LJ

        And so is the United States. The difference is that we no longer have to hand the UN $100 billion a year to be a part of their redistribution of wealth pact.

        • Silimarina

          Actually, the 100billions/year is not an absolute mandate. It is there because there’s a fundamental inequality when it comes to global emissions. Rich countries have plundered and burned huge amounts of fossil fuels, and gotten rich from them. Poor countries seeking to grow their economies are now shunned from using the same fuels. Many low-lying poor countries also will be among the first to bear the worst impacts of climate
          change.Like small island nation’s

          • LJ

            Hence, my comment about redistribution of wealth. If those poor countries had the ability to obtain more fossil fuels to make themselves rich, they would’ve too.
            Yes, the US and China pollute more, but the they also support economies that the rest of the world depends on.

      • gary4205

        The NON-BINDING Paris Accords are just another part of the global warming SCAM. Totally corrupt.

        And before you even start, I hate that filthy democrat pig Trump with the white hot passion of a thousand suns!

        • Status

          Not right enough, huh? You wanted a candidate who was willing to enforce your Bible and use pubic stoning for disobedient teenagers, right?

          The good news is that you’re old and incapable of changing anything.

          • LJ

            “Pubic stoning”?

            Anyhow, public stonings are reserved for those that follow the peaceful religion of Islam in the Middle East, from the same countries that treat women like property and homosexuals as demons, yet we’re the assholes because we want to vet them before they come live here.

        • Silimarina

          Gary, Why don’t you want to understand that CO2 is a greenhouse gas.And humans pump billions of tons each year. Is verry simple.There is no scam in that. There are scientific papers from 19th century that say this. And back then, Al Gore was not even born.Read this –

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    I think you could have said,

    “Evidently, China has a long way to come to match developed nations”

    and covered a lot of bases.

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