Infiniti Kills Off QX70 Crossover To Focus On QX50

An Infiniti spokesman has announced that the QX70 crossover has been killed off. Sad. Kind of. Not really.

Although U.S. customers continue to demand crossovers, Infiniti told Automotive News that the QX70 won’t be offered for the 2018 model year and that it will instead shift its marketing efforts to the smaller QX50, set for a comprehensive overhaul in 2018.

The untimely demise of the QX70 comes as quite a surprise, particularly after the company unveiled the new premium version of the crossover, dubbed the QX70 Limited, at last year’s New York Auto Show.

However, the design of the QX70 remained largely unchanged from 2009 and is now at odds with the rest of the Infiniti family, particularly when compared to both the QX50 Concept and QX80 Monograph Concept.

While the QX70 as we know it is no more, the automaker is said to be planning a Nissan Murano-based replacement for 2021 or 2022.


  • supermanuel

    Always had a soft spot for the QX70. They sell around 5 a year here in UK so it’s incredibly rare and has terrific presence on our tiny roads. Long in the tooth now though, why is the next gen not ready to launch?

  • xDRAN0x

    Its a sound choice, the QX50 got bigger and can play both roles depending on trim levels.

    • Jay

      Except its fwd and has a cvt. Need at least AWD and non CVT to play both roles.

      • xDRAN0x

        QX50 is AWD

        • Jay

          With a real v6 and v8 too. I hate that they dropped the V8 in 2014 but that was a sign it wasn’t doing well in the first place. I’m happy with mine though.

      • IFDU

        The QX50 (current one on the market) has a standard 7 speed transmission. No CVT.

      • Benjamin B.

        QX50 and QX70 don’t use Cvts. Also the platforms are rwd. Only the Q/QX30 and QX60 are fwd. 30 uses a Mercedes Benz drivetrain. QX60 is based off of the Pathfinder and is the only Infiniti that uses a CVT.

        • Jay

          It’s pretty old news now. The 2018 QX50 will have a CVT. There is some info on it on caranddriver.

    • Benjamin B.

      Well there is also the QX60 which is based on the Pathfinder. It was Infiniti’s lone fwd mode until the Q30/QX30 debuted. QX-50 and 70 are similar to Q-50 and 70. QX80 is based off of the Nissan Patrol.

  • Bash

    It wasn’t nice in the first place!

    • Jay
      • Bash

        Blacked out inserts and rims… looks good. Looks really good. lol

        • Jay

          Thanks, I couldn’t stand all the chrome.

      • KenjiK

        Honestly, that’s one of my favorite SUVs.

        • Jay

          Same here but with no new version I guess Ill be upgrading to a GLC 63 instead.

          • KenjiK

            I’ll call that a downgrade 😀

          • Jay

            well its a newer model with more power, more luxury, even more rare. To me they are pretty similar in size and shape so that’s why I’m calling it an upgrade. Sure the repairs will be more costly but I think that’s the only downside.

        • Honda NSX-R

          Same here.

      • supermanuel

        Nice. 🙂

  • Rocket

    Another RWD player bites the dust. No CVT-equipped Murano-based crossover will make a suitable replacement from a driving standpoint. Packaging should improve dramatically, however, so even though I lament the decision, it’s probably the right one. Four years to a new one, though? Dayumm!

  • seriously

    Thats one of the vehicles that originally helped Infiniti get to where its at, and it started a whole new segment. I guess though it doesnt make sense to have the QX60 and QX70 for a brand like Infiniti………..

  • Adi

    I still love first gen FX it was ahead of its time IMO. It looks fresh even after 15 years.

    • Jay

      I agree 100% this was my first infiniti.

  • Felipe Politano

    “Murano-based replacement” goodbye RWD 🙁

    I always loved the FX/QX70 and was expecting to see it evolved into a larget but yet sporty coupe-crossover-thing. Saw one parked along with RAV4s and CRVs these days and it sure is smallish for current standards.

  • Nordschleife

    In my mind the rationale is completely understandable, but in my heart. I feel sad. I guess my generation is staring to feel like the prior generation felt when staple cars that they saw themselves desiring start to disappear.

  • U8INIT

    Rest in car paradise my friend…


    chester bennington, and now Infiniti QX70

    • Tumbi Mtika

      I’ve become so numb…

  • Mark S

    Stale product and a limited dealer network is Infinities problem.

  • Luc Helterbrand

    I MUCH prefer the design language of the QX70 over their newer offerings, even if its a style that has little changed in almost ten years. The newer offerings are clumsy in appearance and no more refined aesthetically than a 5 year old’s crayon coloring. When this first came on the scene is was svelte and sounded so sexy.

  • IFDU

    Once again (like I stated before) Infiniti/Nissan always starts a niche and then neglects it until they scrap it… Frontier hasn’t been changed, QX70 discontinued, Juke may get the axe, etc…


    • Tumbi Mtika



  • Tumbi Mtika

    Welp, that’s all the goodwill I had for Infiniti down the F**KING DRAIN.

  • An Existing Person

    An absolute shame. The FX put Infiniti on the map and was among one of the first crossovers out there. All we could do now is hope they decide to bring it back in the near future on the platform of a RWD-based vehicle instead of the FWD Murano with the dreaded CVT.

  • Eythan Aldrich

    one of my favorite crossovers decides to axe off…….which is the most stupidest thing infiniti did

  • Honda NSX-R

    I don’t like crossovers as much, but this is one of the few that I like. I’m a little disappointed to hear this honestly.

  • Benjamin B.

    I actually liked the QX70 a lot more than the Pathfinder based QX60. The QX- 50 and 70 are very much lifted Hatchbacks. They don’t even feel like most crossovers. Also their ground clearance isn’t even much higher than Q-50 and 70 models. But the QX60 is more practical than both being fwd and more square shaped. The larger QX80 btw is basically a Nissan Patrol with a gasoline V8.

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