Mercedes C-Class Facelift Looks About Ready For Its Big Debut

Launched just a few years ago in 2014, the current Mercedes-Benz C-Class is hardly what we’d call “old.” In fact it’s younger than the CLA, CLS, or S-Class.

But without a major facelift in the three and a half years since introduction, it’s hardly the freshest in the German automaker’s portfolio.

Fortunately for Daimler, that’s just what it has in store for compact luxury sedan. At least, it is, if these (and previous) spy shots are any indication.

Spotted testing in southern Europe, this C-Class prototype is wearing enough camouflage to tell us something’s in the works – but not as much or as heavy cladding as before. From what we can (or more specifically can’t) see, it would appear that Mercedes is preparing to update the styling of the front and rear bumpers, reshape the grille, fit new headlights, and revise the interior.

We can expect new technology to be packed inside, out, and under the hood. So look for all the latest infotainment, safety, and powertrain tech that Daimler can throw at it to be packed into what was once known (before the arrival of the A/B/CLA/GLA family) as the “baby Benz”. And don’t be surprised to see it unveiled as early as the Frankfurt show in September, after which we can expect similar revisions for the wagon, the coupe, and the convertible as well.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

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  • Dennis James

    It already looks pretty great, I hope they don’t do something to ruin it, like some overly-busy headlights (see the new S-class).

    • nastinupe

      It looks like they are making the nose more upright. I like the proportions. Just a small nip tuck, nothing major. I don’t know why I love the C Class and the S Class but don’t like the E Class. I need to see them lined up next to each other to understand why.

    • Ermal Morina

      Those overly-busy headlights have really grown on me.They look quite amazing actually

  • BlackPegasus

    I hope they don’t take away the unibrow LED drl as they did on the S-class, but something tells me they will. 😒

  • Silimarina

    So the infotainment system will now have a trackpad instead of a scrolling knob wheel?Great!

  • SteersUright

    Forget last years jelly bean! I give you the all new, 2018, strikingly beautiful….jellybean!! Beautiful? These cars are simple and I might say even elegant from some angles but most certainly not beautiful. However, the C63 S Coupe, with its flared fenders, that is quite a pretty car. Would love to see them make a Black Series out of it.

  • erschroedinger

    The interior looks like they’ve done away with the controller knob. NO! I greatly prefer it to the swipe doo-hickey.