Six-Wheel Honda Civic Wagon Will Have You Scratching Your Head

In this latest example of “what the hell is that?” we have an image that shows one of the strangest looking Honda Civics you’re ever going to lay eyes on.

This image, taken somewhere in the U.S., depicts an old Civic which has received a number of modifications that leave it barely recognizable as a Honda.

For starters, it has been fitted with a Fast and Furious-inspired front bumper which hasn’t been painted and is joined by quarter panels and a hood that don’t feature an inch of paint either. To go for that ‘hella flush’ look, wide tires with stupid levels of camber have been fitted alongside lowered suspension.

However, it’s the rear where all the action happens. The doors have been lengthened and out back sits an elongated hatch that turns the Civic into the wagon (or is it a hearse?) we never knew we wanted. The creation is so long that it now has two axles and four wheels at the rear, complete with custom flared arches.

We’d hate to imagine how this Civic drives, though it’ll probably can’t go over a leaf without scraping…