Peugeot 3008 vs Toyota C-HR vs Seat Ateca: Which Is The Best Compact SUV?

We all know that compact SUVs are Europe’s favorite cars for the past couple of years and the trend shows no intention of leaving us anytime soon, so it’s no wonder that companies like Peugeot, Seat and Toyota have joined the game.

The new C-HR is a bold move from Toyota. The company wants to shake off its boring past and what better way to do it from launching a mainstream SUV with a bold design.

Seat has been finally given the OK from Group VW to expand into more segments and the Ateca looks like the right car at the right moment. If only it looked a bit more interesting…

And then we have Peugeot, which re-invented the 3008 from one of the ugliest cars ever to one of the most impressive modern SUVs on the market. Smart on the outside and really special on the inside, the new 3008 looks like it could become the default choice in the segment.

But which one is the most complete package? CarWow delivers its verdict on the video linked below.



    c-hr should be compared against CX3 & H-RV

    • Adi

      Why? CH-R and Ateca are basically the same size. CX-3 on the other hand is almost 10cm shorter than CH-R.

  • Six_Tymes

    the 3008 by far has the good looks. i wish i could buy one.

    • Ermal Morina

      inside and outside for sure

  • mccarluvr123

    The Ateca and 3008 should be compared against the RAV4, not the C-HR.

    • CoolHandLuke1

      …and RAV4 would still lose against Peugeot.

  • Miknik

    Interesting how prices differ even in Europe, in Austria, you would pay about the same for all 3 in base spec, and speced out, the C-HR would likely be the cheapest, the Ateca bang in the middle and the Peugeot still the most expensive.

    That said, I would agree that the Peugeot is also the most desirable, it looks and feels more expensive and upscale than nearly everything in that segment (including the aging Audi Q3), and when checking dealer lots it seems the Toyota is selling nearly all of them as Hybrid, which makes sense as it has as such no competitor bar the Kia Niro. I also agree the Ateca is certainly a good car, but boy does it look boring in and outside, and esp. inside the all grey plastic you get in the lower trims looks so “rental car” (with higher trims that add a splash of color and trim on the doors costing significantly more)

  • Martin Ketteringham

    The Toyota redefines the whole concept of automotive ugliness!