Mazda3 Concept Reportedly Headed To Tokyo With An HCCI Engine

Mazda recently pulled the wraps off the 2018 Mazda3 but a new report is indicating the company will use the Frankfurt Motor Show to reveal new engine technology that will debut in the next-generation model.

According to Motoring, the automaker will display its new “homogenous charge compression ignition” in Germany next month.

Details are limited but HCCI technology is a so-called ‘sparkless ignition’ system which uses pressure to ignite a fuel and air mixture. This eliminates the need for traditional sparkplugs and helps to improve efficiency.

Following the introduction of the HCCI system in Frankfurt, Mazda will reportedly introduce a concept which previews the next-generation Mazda3. The concept is slated to be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in October but nothing is official at this point.

If the publication’s sources are correct, the next-generation Mazda3 will be based on the same platform as the current model but come equipped with all-new body work and possibly an upgraded interior. The car is also slated to feature all-new Skyactiv II engines which will make use of the company’s HCCI system.

After their debut on the Mazda3, the Skyactiv II engines will eventually spread to the rest of the company’s lineup.

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  • Six_Tymes

    cool looking sketch to be sure

  • Aquaflex

    Will there ever be a next generation MazdaSpeed 3?

    • Leconte Dave


      • Six Thousand Times

        I wish I could disagree.

  • 59soni

    Coincidentally, today I watched Engineering Explained’s video on HCCI’s. They are truly a promise and could make one of the last breakthroughs in ICE’s. Let’s hope it materializes.

  • Hello Moto ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I hope Mazda keeps doing what they’re doing in the coming years..

  • [-Mac-]

    Unfortunately, I guess real car will be very different from this sketch.

    • kawaiikayla

      this sketch is from the 2014 Mazda3. So I’m sure the new one will look a lot different than this sketch. lol

  • Six Thousand Times


  • Duke Woolworth

    Typical concept: Huge wheels/tires, poor visibility.

    • Matthijs

      its not a concept, but a sketch of the current Mazda3

      • Knotmyrealname

        Or rather a conceptual-type sketch of the current Mazda 3.

  • carlbolt

    The car in the sketch won’t work unless 1) the wheels are fixed to the chassis, no suspension, 2) autonomous driving car.

  • javier

    all show and no go sums up mazda

  • KidRed

    They ruined the 3 hatch, (no longer looks like a hatch) so hopefully, they can fix that in the next gen.

  • DM

    Hope they get rid of that awful long hood and nose. Makes the car look weird, plust it is not an RWD car so proportions seem off.