South America’s 2018 VW Virtus Snapped Undisguised

Just a few months after being confirmed via a VW production road map, South America’s VW Virtus has surfaced completely undisguised.

Set to be unveiled in November, the VW Virtus replaces the Polo Sedan in South America and while the new name may suggest an entirely new car, that isn’t exactly the case.

These images, first published by Motor1 Brazil, show that the Virtus retains many of the styling traits of the Polo. In fact, one would have to be a keen-eyed VW enthusiast to notice any visual changes up front other than the tweaked bumper.

Changes to the rear are slightly more noticeable and include thinner and wider taillights while an eye-catching piece of chrome trim can be seen stretching the width of the bumper.

In the cabin, things are very familiar and include a digital gauge cluster, a large central infotainment screen and a three-spoke steering wheel. Not VW’s finest interior but certainly enough to satisfy more buyers.

Stay tuned for more about the VW Virtus as its debut edges closer.