Williams, Ferrari Tempting – But Hamilton Wants To End Career At Mercedes

With three world championships under his belt and still at the height of his career, there’s hardly a team on the grid in F1 today that wouldn’t be interested in Lewis Hamilton. But as far as he’s concerned, he’ll stay at Mercedes until he’s ready to retire.

“I tell you when I joined this team I couldn’t have imagined it being [so good],” Hamilton told Racer. “Regardless of our results, it’s the environment that I live in. I couldn’t have dreamed it being better and I am pretty sure there is no other team that has this environment.”

It’s not as if Hamilton hasn’t looked at other teams. While he’s been closely linked to a potential move to Ferrari, he professes a temptation to join Williams and help bring it back to the top: “I look at Williams and look at how cool it would be to one day drive for Williams and help them get back to the top,” said Hamilton. “But I don’t have a magic board. I don’t know how long that will take or even if that’s even possible, just that I admire Frank and the Williams team for its history.”

“If I was to jump ship from here, that would be when I stop,” Lewis predicted. “Mercedes take care of their drivers. Whether it’s including them in events, whether it’s including them in commercials, you continue to be an ambassador for the brand. Every single driver has been so that’s a lot to throw away.”

Hamilton’s said he figures he has another six years or so left in his career, which started when he joined McLaren in 2007. Since then he’s only driven for the two teams – and only under Mercedes power. “There’s no other team except for Ferrari that could ever be interesting,” said the champ, “but right now I love being here, I love the people I work for, the people I work with and what the company represents.”

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