2019 Mercedes-AMG G-Class Spotted With Production Lights

It looks like Mercedes is putting the final pieces of the G-Class puzzle together in the latest set of spy shots, with two prototypes spotted in standard and AMG guises, wearing their final production lights.

The unmistakable boxy shape of the G-Class will remain pretty much unchanged, with reports talking about Mercedes widening the whole car by around four inches (10.1 cm) for more interior room and better handling.

That last part will also be improved thanks to the adoption of an independent front suspension which will allow the 2019 G-Class to drive less like a truck and more like a modern SUV.

The engine range will include Mercedes’ latest turbocharged straight-six units while the full AMG version will be powered by the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8, complete with the always awesome side exhausts.

The go-faster version of the G-Class will also be fitted with wider fenders and chunkier bumpers while the front grille will be different from standard models as well. Let’s hope Mercedes doesn’t use the curvy Panamericana grille here too, as we’re not sure how it will fit with the whole box-on-wheels style.

We’ve taken a peek inside on an earlier scoop, where we saw a dashboard featuring a similar layout with the latest Mercedes models, complete with a widescreen infotainment screen sitting next to the instrument binnacle.

Mercedes will continue building the new G-Class in Magna’s plant in Austria, with the latest reports saying that the current G-Class might still be produced alongside the new model in a more bare-bones version.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops


  • Bash

    It does look wider, which is a good thing.


    30 years of timeless design

  • Mike Gonzalez

    i’m so ready for this new generation
    i wish MB would go all the way and make a hybrid AMG version of it

  • Erzhik

    They shrinked the sidemarkers…Thank God.

  • GreenApple18r

    I guess this one too will have that AMG GT grill with vertical lines.