California Considers Banning ICE Vehicles

Officials in California are considering a ban on internal combustion engine vehicles in a move which could mimic what select countries around the world have already announced.

During an interview late last week, chairman of the California Air Resources Board Mary Nichols said that California Governor Jerry Brown has recently expressed an interest in banning the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles in the future, Automotive News reports.

“I’ve gotten messages from the governor asking, ‘Why haven’t we done something already? The governor has certainly indicated an interest in why China can do this and not California,” Nichols said.

California has long been considered one of the most environmentally-conscious states in the United States and every year, accounts for more than 2 million vehicle sales.

If the state were to ban ICEs, which it is legally allowed to do, Nichols said it would unlikely do so through an EPA waiver which might not be approved by the Trump administration. Instead, the state could achieve its goal through new vehicle registration rules.


  • Bash

    Oh $hit!

    • Jay

      They just want less poor people on the road.. poor as in only being able to afford cars from $0-$25,000.. electric cars are pretty pricey..

      • Dennis James

        If the demand is high, the prices will lower. But I wonder, how can you do a long trip with an electric car ? Wait for hours for a recharge when the range is depleted ?

        • Jay

          You think the demand is low and that people want to pay high gas prices? Its more than likely the other way around. If prices were lower more people would have all electric cars..

  • No question ICE days are numbered…the most populous country in the world, China, has already given us a taste of what an electrified mobile world will look like…

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Well, of COURSE it does! That’s the “IN” thing to do…they have to be with the cool kid crowd.

    • S3XY

      Electric is not the “In” thing. It is “The Thing”.

      I am only 23 years old and started driving electric cars when I was 19. There is no “cool kid crowd”

      Electric is superior to the internal combustion engine in every way. I loved engines before electric. But not anymore. I will never drive a fully gas car ever again. It’s just horrible. It’s no consideration whatsoever to me.

      That’s how driving electric changed me.

      Nothing beats the smooth silent and gas less drivetrain. My Volt drives better than mercedes, bmw’s, audi’s, etc.

      And Tesla’s, in particular, absolutely nothing can compare.

      ICE days are numbered but are already a thing of the past.

      • TotallyDisqusted

        “My Volt drives better than mercedes, bmw’s, audi’s, etc.”

        I think you need to define what “drives better” means to you. Also, where exactly do you think we will get the materials to build all of these lithium batteries?

        • Auf Wiedersehen

          Drives Better than a Mercedes, BMW, Audi(no possession) (They apparently don’t teach that in schools anymore), A 23 year old’s(possession) translation:

          The car that was handed down by my mom and dad when I turned 19, so it’s the only benchmark I know.

      • Auf Wiedersehen

        You failed to understand my comment. It’s ok though…you are only 23. The “IN” thing meaning banning gas burning cars.

        Banning something is never good…let the market weed out what people don’t want anymore. But it’s a typical Californian thing to do…”we don’t care about the people who don’t want what we want….they just need to learn our ways and believe like us.” “We can all get along and have peace and harmony as long as you do what we say and believe what we do.”

        And Volt? Better than any you mentioned? Hmm…You really MUST be 23. I think GM has a huge contract with Tupperware to provide interior parts. Oh wait, sorry, you probably never heard of Tupperware since you are only 23.

        Allow me:

      • gary4205

        The electric car companies went out of business in the 1920’s for a reason.

        Electrics are no more viable today.

        Take away taxpayer funded subsidies to retail buyers, one of the vile and obscene injustices ever. …and no one would buy these rich people toys.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    California: The Smallest Country in North America.

    “California has long been considered one of the most environmentally-conscious states in the United States and every year, accounts for more than 2 million vehicle sales.”

    This is only superficial. My last trip there, I saw as much shit on the roads as anywhere. Just as many cars burning oil, running so rich you could smell un-burned fuel and just as many with exhaust falling off.

    There’s a reason it’s the home of Hollywood…even the government there pretends to be something it’s not.

  • ChrisInIL

    They already have some infrastructure in place to prevent cars from other states from entering.

    They’ll just stop them at the fruit-and-veggie checkpoints and make them turn around.

    “Welcome to the People’s Republic of California. Do you have any oranges or tomatoes? No? Excellent. Do you have any fossil fuels on board. Yes? Ooooh, sorry sir. Go back to Nevada”

    • LJ

      They ban cars from other states, but are against travel restrictions from terrorist supporting countries. Seems about right.

  • LJ

    It won’t happen until electric cars become affordable without government subsidies.

  • Blade t

    This won’t happen for a long time….

    • Felix

      Likely 2040… which is the target for many european countries. For an individual it may seem far away but for a company its literally tomorrow. Oil companies, especially the ones with downstream business models are already starting to worry in order to avoid the “Kodak effect”.


  • Robin Hood

    As a Coloradan in the real estate business, I can confirm with certainty that 1,200 businesses and 700,000 people leave California every year…many infesting my state. The reason they leave is because the government is so elitist and out of touch with reality that one could reasonably wonder if they even know what planet they’re on. The state is poorly run and a financial basket case. The fact that this article is taking this nonsense seriously is hilarious!
    Let me serve you some reality:

    1) Electric cars are NOT emissions free, they are REMOTE emissions vehicles.

    2) Wind turbines are proving to be worthless and genocidal to birds. Solar isn’t capable of providing but a fraction of current electrical needs, and may never be able to (BTW, I like solar, have it on my house, but we’re talking reality here).

    3) California buys a good chunk of its electricity from other states. I suppose we’re expected to choke on increased plant emissions, and house increased nuclear waste, as Californians naively drive around smugly in their “zero emissions vehicles?”

    4) The political left’s hatred of ICE, particularly diesel, is just elitist fashion…it’s the Burberry scarf of 2017…and it’s utterly stupid and low IQ.

    5) The dumber California gets, the more its people leave….which in turn is causing serious ecological problems in places like Colorado and Montana.

    California, stop being dumb!!! Media, stop reporting their stupidity as serious discourse!!!

  • sidewaysspin

    And communism not long after.

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      Actually more likely socialism.

      • gary4205

        One begats the other.

        • Auf Wiedersehen

          Really now? So these countries will soon be communist?

  • Elmediterraneo

    Batteries and electricity production will pollute 1000000 times more than petrol emissions…

  • Shane

    Did anyone else assume the most messed up state was banning cars for Immigration? Haha

  • Can we please stop jumping on this band wagon! If you’re actually going to do it, do it. Don’t provide us with only this cliché sentence and then do nothing – stop scaremongering people!

  • eb110americana

    I’ve lived in California essentially all my life. I doubt this will ever even make it on the ballot. Or it will be something completely unenforceable, like “…by the year 2040.” For those who think CA-specific regs are just to be in vogue, you are not familiar with some of the living conditions here, or the history. For example, Los Angeles has 7 million residents and an incredible number of cars confined within a valley where smog collects, and where pollution is magnified with intense summer heat. At one time, it used to look like some parts of China look now. There is a very real reason why pollution must be limited.

    It’s like how people who lived through the 1950s say, “We didn’t realize how bad smoking was for our health back then.” When now it seems quite obvious that hacking up a lung in the morning is a sign that you should stop doing that. Try getting stuck in gridlock traffic on a 7-lane freeway with big-rigs and buses mixing it up with modern cars. I assure you that you won’t want to roll the windows down to enjoy the air quality. No, the batteries aren’t quite there yet, but progress is progress. I am certain just as carburetors and straight exhausts without cats are a thing of the past, so too will internal combustion eventually fall into obscurity. Until then, there are millions of cars that have plenty of life left in them, so I doubt we will see unilateral banning overnight

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      So ban them in certain cities like LA. I went to LA once recently…it was a fun trip but I didn’t leave anything I need to go back for.


    Good luck with that.

  • smartacus

    Can’t happen because of the Commerce Clause

  • gary4205

    Sons-a-bitches! The refugees better not even THINK about coming to Texas.

    We got far too many Californian refugees here now. And the a-holes bring their left wing extremism and insanity with them.

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