Cupra To Become Seat’s Official Performance Sub-Brand

Seat has suggested that it could make Cupra its official performance car sub-brand.

During discussions with Autocar at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Seat boss Luca de Meo kept his cards close to his chest when discussing the potential for a standalone Cupra brand. However, he did indicate than an announcement could come at 2018’s Geneva Motor Show.

“I think there is potential to develop that domain of the brand. In the past Seat has been one dimensional. Cupra gives us opportunity to have another dimension,” he added.

Seat only Cupra-branded variant is a performance version of the Leon but in the not too distant future, an Ateca Cupra will become a reality.

Despite this, the Spanish carmaker did recently file a trademark for a dedicated Cupra logo as it seemingly looks to extend the name throughout the Seat range.

Beyond registering a Cupra badge, Seat recently filed trademark applications for the names Tango, Salsa and Bolero, names formerly used by three sporty Seat concepts from years gone by. It is entirely possible they could be resurrected and form part of the Cupra brand.


  • supermanuel

    “In the past Seat has been one dimensional.” That’s entirely VW’s fault. In the late 90’s the Cupra trim had already started to mean something, in the UK at least, due to a reasonably succesful WRC participation that resulted in three successive years of wins. They also had some success in the BTCC series in the early 00’s. If VW’s initial commitment to SEAT had allowed for continued development of their racing exploits, the Cupra trim would have been much more valuable already, the SEAT brand would have generated some real equity. I loved the original Cordoba- a cracking car considering it’s rather humble Polo origins. Let’s hope SEAT can put to rest an entire generation of feeble variations on an MPV-theme and ‘find themselves’ again. Fingers crossed.

  • Really love how understated this car looks compared with the competition.