EPA Says Tesla Model 3 Has 334 Miles Of Combined Range

Tesla says the Model 3 Long Range has a combined range of 310 miles. Impressive. However, the EPA believes the range-topping Model 3 will actually be able to drive slightly further than that on a single charge.

Not long after an EPA sticker confirmed that the Model 3 Long Range has an MPGe rating of 126, Teslarati has calculated that the EV’s combined range sits at precisely 333.8 miles (537.2 km).

To come to this figure, one multiples a vehicle’s ideal city and highway range by 0.7 to account for real-world driving conditions. City range is then weighted by 55 per cent while highway range is weighted at 45 per cent.

Before taking into account real world driving conditions, the Model 3 Long Range’s city range sits at a theoretical 495.04 miles (796.6 km) and 454.64 miles (731 km) on the highway. Multiply those figures by 0.7 and you get 346.5 miles (557.6 km) city and 318.2 (512.1 km) highway.

To put this into comparison, the Tesla Model S 100D has an EPA-estimated range of 335 miles (539 km), almost identical to the far cheaper Model 3.


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