Japan’s Aspark Supercar Wants To Take On The World’s Best

Launching a supercar as a brand no one is heard of isn’t easy but that doesn’t stop scores of companies attempting just that throughout the course of a year. The latest to do so is a company dubbed Aspark.

Hailing from Japan, the firm claims to have been developing an electric supercar since 2014 and it is finally ready to reveal it at this month’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Dubbed the Owl, the car will allegedly be the quickest accelerating vehicle on the market, capable of sprinting to 62 mph (100 km/h) in under 2 seconds.

No details about the electric powertrain have been announced but it seems likely that drive is sent to all four wheels and in excess of 1,000 hp is accessible through the accelerator pedal. If Aspark expects its production model to reach 62 mph in sub-2 seconds, it better have some cutting-edge tires at its disposal.

Early renderings of the vehicle show that all of its bodywork will be made from lightweight carbon fiber and that it’ll feature a hunkered down look, gullwing doors, Aston Martin-esque taillights and a huge rear wing.