Thunder Power SUV Concept Walks Line Between Novelty And Luxury

While this Taiwanese concept might look original, having a quirky design is always a hit or miss type of thing.

Yet, there are plenty of things we can admire when looking at Thunder Power’s SUV concept. Whether you like the exterior or not, it’s the technology underneath as well as the interior that really make it stand out.

Dubbed the ‘Future Vision’ alpha SUV, this thing rides on an electrified platform, powered by a unique motor and battery configuration. It also boasts a sedan-like center of gravity, which should definitely improve its driving characteristics.

Once you open up the doors (coach design, like in a Rolls-Royce), you will gain access to a ultra-modern cabin with white leather seats featuring a brown leather base. Even the door panels are fully covered in leather, as are all the surrounding edges of the dashboard.

Speaking of which, the displays kind of remind us of what Mercedes are doing, even though these are clearly bigger, which is understandable since the Future Vision is a concept and not a production car.

As for on-board tech, the EV-maker has yet to announce what sort of features we could expect from their SUV, and what level autonomous characteristics it may be packing.