U Spy The Next-Generation Audi RS7 In California

The next-generation Audi RS7 has been spied testing in Marin County, California by Carscoops reader Robert van Gool.

The new RS7 is thought to be a couple of years away but we do know it will be based around the latest-generation A7 expected to be unveiled next year. As spy shots of the new A7 and S7 have suggested, the new model will be easily distinguishable from the outgoing A7 range, particularly in RS7 guise.

Generally speaking, the Sportback design of the existing RS7 has been retained for the new vehicle but we can see a pair of sharper headlights which will sit alongside the brand’s refreshed grille design.

The prototype pictured has a set of large five-spoke wheels and huge brake calipers that likely clamp down on carbon ceramic discs. The presence of oval-shaped tailpipes at the rear confirm the vehicle’s identity as the new RS7 rather than a lesser model.

Limited details about the powertrain for the new RS7 are known but it will probably retain the current model’s 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 with a power bump to beyond 600 hp.

Thanks Robert for the scoop!


  • I’mCallingYouOut

    Don’t mess with success. Amirite??

  • Six Thousand Times

    The trick with Audis is to not get one of their bigger engines. That platform doesn’t really work with a V-8 slung out over the front wheels. Keep it simple and forgo the hardcore models and you’ll get a smooth, classy, capable car.

    • Mike Sinyaboot

      That may be true if someone plans on actually tracking their $100-$200,000 Audi but 95% of customers won’t. The S6-RS6, S7-RS7, and S8 are not meant for that. They are ludicrously accelerating Autobahn cruise missiles with the ability to eat up huge amounts of highway in comfort.

    • gor134

      I think it might get the 2.9L Turbo from the Panamera, but not sure.

      • Rimas Kurtinaitis

        You are referring to the S7, assuming Audi won’t make any BHP increase over the current model.

  • Jason Miller

    Saw one here in AZ on Friday night. Within a reasonable range of the VW proving grounds. Also saw an RS5 on the same day.

  • Elmediterraneo

    According to german sources
    Audi S7 : Porsche’s V6 2.9 liter twin turbo 450 hp from the Audi RS5 and Porsche Panamera 4S.
    Audi RS7 : Porsche’s V8 4.0 liter twin turbo 550 hp from the Porsche Panamera Turbo.
    Audi RS7 Plus e-tron : Porsche’s 550 hp V8 combined with ea plug-in hybrid system for a total power between 630-650 hp. Juste a little bit under the 680 hp Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid.

  • sidewaysspin

    Why hide it when you already know it will look like every other Audi?

  • nastinupe

    Nice but I’ll be happy with a 350 hp A7. That’s all you really need.

  • Puddingpopper

    Next Mondeo is shaping up nicely

  • Rich Money

    looking weird AF!