Aston Martin Hired Three Of Ferrari Top People For Their 488 GTB Competitor

Aston Martin has a history of building stylish and comfortable cruisers but the company recently announced plans for a mid-engine supercar that will slot beneath the Valkyrie.

Little is known about the model but Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer recently sat down with Autoblog and provided a few new clues about what to expect.

As part of the discussion, Palmer said he believes the Ferrari 488 GTB is currently the best car in its segment and noted “we’re going to take it on.” In order to compete with the storied automaker, Aston Martin has hired “three of Ferrari’s key guys” including their former heads of powertrain and body structures.

Palmer went on to say the company has already made eight quarter-scale clay models of the car and he’s particularly fond of one design. He also revealed he has a pretty good idea about what the Ferrari 488 replacement is going to be like so the company is taking that into consideration.

The Ferrari 488 competitor is one of several models under development as the company is also working on the new Vantage and DBX. There have also been rumors about a new Vanquish which will reportedly be based on the DB11.

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  • Mind Synthetic

    i will dare and say that its ugly, nor does it resemble aston’s design language

    • Matt

      It was designed by F1 science, which to many enthusiasts is ‘beautiful’.

      • Mind Synthetic

        in other words designed by an engineer, which is great when it comes to aerospace not so much when its a car. its ugly to me and im an enthusiast or consider myself one.

        • Matt

          Indeed it was designed by an engineer, one Adrian Newey of Red Bull Racing fame, the most successful F1 car engineer ever (as some might claim).

          Of course Aston stylists helped too. I think it looks amazing, it would be boring if it looked like a mid-engined One77 or an AMG Project One with an Aston grille. For one it wouldn’t be as fast.

  • Michelin

    Auton Martin follows Mc Laren, that hired former Ferrari Engineer to make 720.
    As Ferrari benchmark of supersportcar and hypercars, is normal that competitors need Ferrari people to improve their new cars.