Ford Expects Next Focus’ Sales To Drop, Will Make It More Premium Anyway

Ford wants to position the next-generation Focus as a more premium product when it finally launches in Europe next year.

This comes from Jim Farley, Ford’s head of global markets, who spoke to investors after CEO Jim Hackett outlined the company’s future plan to cut costs by $14 billion and shift a third of the internal combustion engine budget to electrification purposes, among other, AutoNews reports.

Farley also said that they expect the new Focus’ volumes to be “slightly lower” than they are currently, which sounds like the right thing since more and more people switch to SUVs instead.

Ford will follow the same strategy with the Fiesta when the new Focus debuts in Europe in early 2018, with a range-topping Vignale and a crossover-like Active version joining the lineup. “It goes upmarket in exactly the same way as the new Fiesta,” Farley said.

Ford will continue building the Euro-spec versions of the new Focus in Saarlouis, Germany while the U.S.-spec models will be built in China.

Farley also said that the European arm of Ford will “accelerate urban utility products, an area where our brand is really strong,” without giving more information. What that means is that Ford could be working on another compact SUV to sit under the Kuga.

After its official debut in January or February of 2018, the new Ford Focus will most likely hit the European dealerships in late summer.



    people will still buy it

  • Wayne Alan Carr Heyes

    making the focus more premium????? but i thought the mondeo was premium???

    • Vassilis

      They mean more of a competitor to the Golf and to be honest they need to do that.

  • Puddingpopper

    Something tells me they will cheap up the US market car for lack of a Fiesta

  • Victor Ferreira

    I mean, they should. I’d have considered it if it wasn’t so much cheaper inside than a comparable Mazda 3.

  • Mark S

    People in the States are not going to go for a Chinese made Ford.

    • SmartAss💁🏾‍♂️

      People in the States will buy what their pocket’s will afford them to buy.

  • Matt

    I would love if the focus had high grade materials, great fit & finish and high quality control with things like no rattles or squeaking after 20k miles. Think audi like interior with the good steering feel/playfulness of the current focus would be fantastic daily in this segment for enthusiasts. I hope im wrong but when I hear Ford say ‘more premium’ I imagine they mean more advanced tech/safety with Fords leather, switchgear and larger lcd screens over the current focus.

  • Benjamin B.

    Trump doesn’t like Mexico, but he seems to love China. Sad.

  • Benjamin B.

    It’s a mistake to fuck over the Mexicans. I’m very saddened. I am a Ford guy myself, but this action against Mexico is fucked up. Catering to the orange clown in the White House.