Get A Corvette Buggy For Just $2,000

If you know what lightweight cars are about and you don’t mind owning something really quirky, this stripped down Vette might be for you.

On sale for just $2,000 on Craigslist, this “car” is being let go by its owner simply because it can’t really carry out its duties properly as a daily driver – perfectly understandable.

The ad also states that it “runs and drives like a dream,” and that it needs a new starter and the engine needs to be inspected. A bit contradictory, but we don’t doubt this thing’s ability to put a smile on your face when accelerating.

For starters, it has a 1985 Corvette frame, suspension and steering, with a 5-speed manual transmission mated to its Chevy 350 unit. We don’t know how much power it puts down, but since it weighs just 2,100 lbs (952 kg), we’ll go ahead and assume it’s quick.

It’s even got the wheels from a mid-80’s Corvette, although we’re pretty sure very few people could identify what this is, based on just a quick look at its exposed frame and powertrain.

Anyway, to those interested in owning such a machine, we just hope you like driving with a helmet on around town.



    I’m guessing money suddenly got tight or there’s difficulties getting it registered.

  • er, so do I have to PAY $2000 to drive this?

    • Bash

      Actually, you have to pay $2000 to own it only, you can drive it AFTER you fix it, starting with that starter and do that engine ‘inspection’ thing.

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