Jeep Compass Spawns Next-Generation Fiat Freemont

If you were to interview 100 people and ask if they think the Fiat Freemont looks good, chances are 99 would say it is as ugly as sin.

Nevertheless, the vehicle continues to soldier on in a market being flooded by all-new crossovers and SUVs with technology many years ahead of the Freemont. But, if FCA were to base a next-gen Freemont around the Jeep Compass, could it reinvent the Italian crossover?

To find out, Car Passion has designed a next-gen Freemont based around the Compass and the result is surprisingly impressive.

The vehicle has the same overall shape as the Compass but adopts a comprehensively modified fascia consisting of new headlights, a custom bumper, and a Fiat grille. These changes have been complemented by curved wheel arches which, to our eyes, look much more stylish than the squared arches of the Jeep.

Given the relationship between Jeep and Fiat as part of FCA, creating a Compass-based Freemont wouldn’t be too difficult. However, the company has become synonymous with delaying vehicle updates and probably has no immediate plans to launch a new Freemont.


  • Bash

    Not sure about the opening sentence in the article but imo It looks better dressed like a Fiat than a Jeep tbh.

    • Dennis James

      Agree, the opening sentence has nothing to do with reality, looking at the pictures online.

  • Randy Terpstra

    The render is unrealistic. The front end and body sheet metal are fine, but the entire roof slopes down to the rear, meaning a re-engineering of the ‘green-house’. Realistically, there could only be minor changes to the contour of the DLO in the rear doors and C-pillar.

    • nellydesign

      The Ford Escape and Lincoln MKC are on the same platform, yet have entirely different DLOs and rooflines. There is nothing preventing them from changing the roofline. They could really do whatever they wanted to, it just costs money.

      • Randy Terpstra

        And the key word is, money.

        Ford is trying to keep Lincoln as a separate up-market brand. As well, the cost of engineering the Escape, has also been spread out with the global market Kuga (same vehicle), so Ford has the -ahem- luxury, of investing more to differ the MKC from the Escape/Kuga twins.

        FCA has been simply rebadging (long in tooth) Dodge/Chrysler as Fiat/Lancia in Europe of the past few years, to squeeze every penny out of those platforms (LX, RT & JC platforms). Unless FCA plans to bring a Fiat Freemont replacement to North America, it wouldn’t make much economic sense to redesign the entire roof line, IMHO.

  • Six_Tymes

    not bad, looks pretty good actually. much better than Compass


    500x is not so great

  • Benjamin B.

    Wasn’t the previous Freemont based on the Dodge Journey? FCA is still manufacturing this antique crossover.

    • Classic Bob

      Yes, and they are still manufacturing it as a Dodge (but dropped as a Fiat in most markets). Expect the Journey to be around for another couple of years, in Fiat’s tradition of 10year product cycles (ie. Punto, etc..).

  • Ανδρέας Μιχαηλίδης

    Meh… Don’t like it!! I think the current freemont-journey looks really good!! My opinion is Fiat must give all models the 500 style!!

  • Markey

    Looks good BUT no 7 seats and much less space in both legroom and luggage.

    Hence it would NOT replace my Freemont and I’d have to look elsewhere

  • Serbia1544

    “as ugly as sin” look at the car not at the mirror! lol . 99 people would rather say freemont looks cool as hell! Fiat Freemont is a very good looking car .

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