Lamborghini Owner Speaks Out After San Francisco Man Ran Over His Car

Following an ugly incident involving the owner of a Lamborghini Aventador SV and a young man in San Francisco, the owner has spoken out about the saga that has spread online like wildfire.

Late last week, footage surfaced on social media showing a young man running over a bright red Aventador SV in the heart of San Francisco. The vehicle’s owner then threw him to the ground.

Speaking to Eyes On Fair Oaks, owner Mike Bowen has shared his side of the story as to what happened that day.

Bowen says the drama started when the young man kicked the Lamborghini while it was sitting at a red light. Eager to confront the man and assess the damage, Bowen hoped out of the car and was lured away by the offender. The young man then reportedly threw a cup full of beer into the Lamborghini before Bowen started to stand guard beside his prized supercar in an attempt to keep it safe.

According to Bowen, this is when the much-shared video started, capturing the young man running over the Lamborghini and eventually being taken to the ground.

Bowen says he was interviewed by police after the incident and pressed charges. However, the man’s public defender had a judge release him from custody without charge because he had no money or job.

The offender hasn’t spoken to the media and his motivations for taunting the driver and damaging the car remain unknown.


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  • MarketAndChurch

    And plus with the problem of crime in the bay area, he’d probably just be taking up space from far worse offenders.

    These judges think it’s their job to carry out social justice, he should have at least been charged and forced to do community service. It’s easy to dismiss this as a rich people’s problem, but it’s hard to imagine that he won’t be a nuisance to other people, especially those who can’t afford a Lambo.

    • Charles Lane

      pretty much this. Guy is probably out causing trouble instead of focusing on getting a job.

      • Anton Astrakhantsev

        Why does he need a job? Apparently he’s doing quite well without it – nice clothes, iPhone and AirPods.

  • badcyclist

    Forget it, Jake– it’s San Francisco.

  • Bash

    So the little jerk damages someone else’s property and gets released because he had no money or job? Ok, how is that any justification for being released? How?

    I’m at a loss here.

    • Carlos Gamarra

      Honestly, like wtf

    • John

      San Francisco…figured.
      Should have put him in jail and make him work in the jail to pay for it.

    • thunder bolt

      Four words for you: San Fran Fucking Cisco

      • LWOAP

        Well, in that case, I know where I’m not living: San Francisco.

  • Blade t

    That guy worked hard, built up his business ,saved for a car he wanted . Then the jealous homeless dude tries to tear it up for no reason . And then he gets off Scott free …crazy

  • smartacus

    so he tells the cop he had to put the guy on the ground
    and the nicotine-dependent night-school grad responds
    “why don’t you try putting me on the ground”?

    uh huh yeah, Thank God he didn’t try talking like that to me, that San Fran softie.
    He probably takes thirsty-simp-beggar pickup lines from Harvey Weinstein too.

  • David

    The judge has to be such a looser to sympathize with such a D.B.

  • salamOOn

    “judge release him from custody without charge because he had no money or job”

    wow, so he can do whatever he want now….?

  • Ben M

    20 seconds to set off in a Lamborghini?!

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Note to the interviewer….if you plan to do this often and look professional…GET SOME MICS!! Good lord!

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Envy is one of the worst things ever. And when you work your ass so hard to get things like that, provided you got them in a honest way, seeing someone doing what that boy did is just not right.

  • Bonzomatic

    So what ever happened to the video of the takedown? I just keep seeing the loop of the douche running over the top of the car.

  • AA

    I love how this owner talks like he knows the rest of the world are plebs, like we didn’t know that was an Aventador SV, and that the process of setting off is complicated.

    Just to be clear: The process is just as complicated in an Audi. You ALSO have to close the door, you ALSO have to disengage the parking brake (which he notes brakes all four wheels, unlike pleb-mobiles that only brake one?) and you also have to move a thing to engage first gear (paddle, lever, what’s the difference really).

    The condescension is strong with this one.

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