New Land Rover Defender Could Get Electrified Version

Land Rover is currently at work developing the next-gen Defender and it seems the new SUV could feature an electrified powertrain.

During a recent event for the 2018 Range Rover Velar, Land Rover said it would start offering electrified versions of its models in the U.S. from the 2020 model year. The carmaker has failed to specify when exactly the new Defender will arrive stateside but it could very well launch in 2020 or later.

Complete with this knowledge, Motor Authority asked Jaguar Land Rover North America executive vice president Chris Marchand if an electrified powertrain will be available for the Defender.

Marchand remained coy on details, simply stating “That’s as far as we’re willing to go with that.”

The car manufacturer will soon launch the Range Rover Sport plug-in hybrid complete with a 13.1-kWh battery and there’s a possibility the new Defender could be offered with a similar powertrain. Alternatively, it may receive a 48-volt hybrid system or could even be offered in all-electric guise.


  • Craig

    How much actual experience do all of this companies promising EV’s have with making EV’s?

    • Status

      JLR may not have much in making EV’s, but I don’t think EV powertrains are beyond their engineering capabilities (EV’s aren’t that complicated). If that doesn’t work, they can always leverage and/or license others EV technology to speed up the process.