Porsche Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit With Paul Walker’s Daughter

Paul Walker’s daughter has reportedly settled her wrongful death lawsuit that was filed against Porsche two years ago.

According to ABC News, Meadow Walker and Porsche agreed to a settlement earlier this month and have agreed to keep the terms a secret.

While there’s no word on how much the company paid, the original lawsuit claimed the Carrera GT that Walker was riding in was equipped with poorly designed seat belts which prevented him from escaping the fire that erupted after Roger Rodas crashed the vehicle into a tree. The suit went on to state that Walker was alive for over a minute before the vehicle burst into flames and killed him.

People Magazine reports the lawsuit also stated the “Carrera GT had a history of instability and control issues” and the company failed to install an electronic stability control system despite knowing about potential problems.

Porsche has previously denied claims of responsibility and stated that alterations and misuse of the car “caused or contributed to the incident and to Mr. Walker’s death.”

This is the second lawsuit Porsche has settled involving the former Fast and Furious star as the company previously reached an agreement with Walker’s father, Paul Walker III, who was the executor of the actor’s estate.

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  • brn


  • pcurve

    I think what happened was very tragic and sad, but he was doing 95 mph in 45 mph zone in a vehicle intentionally designed as purist car without VSC, ABS and traction control. 6-speed only, with no clutch delay valve to soften out drive train shock or wheel lock up during mistimed shifts. Those safety measures weren’t legally mandated back then either. I think Porsche settled because its reputation was tied to VW, and lawyers would’ve dragged it through the mud during trial.

    • jh

      True. They should have printed that in the manual: “for stupid americans who don’t know what they are getting into and try to sue everyone for their own stupidity:…”

      Like buying a rifle and pulling the the trigger while pointing at someone… well, there was no device preventing me from doing so… timmieee!

  • nastinupe

    Although I hate that she lost her father, if I was Porsche I wouldn’t have given in to this frivolous lawsuit. All it’s doing is opening the door for others to follow. Look at Bill Cosby. The second he settled all of the other women smelled blood in the water and came out of hiding.

    • David

      I totally agree with you, is not Porsche’s fault, if that is the case everybody that dies in a car accident, their survivors should sue car manufactures, and I would say that is a total BS.

    • RV9161

      A recall is probably in the works

    • Nordschleife

      Maybe they thought it just best to settle. They probably didn’t want to have to go back to court when this was brought up again.

      • brn

        99% chance this is what happened.

  • FultonKBD

    Definitely sad and certainly wouldn’t want anybody to lose their life regardless if the car was to blame or the driver. Not sure the specifics of the case so I could be way off, but once some is are doing 95 in a 45 I’d start putting the blame there first.

    • Kash

      the main thing was, Walker wasn’t even driving, his friend was driving the car.

      • FultonKBD

        Thanks… I didn’t realize. So yeah, it sounds like she had enough evidence to push a case and win. I wonder if she sued the driver’s estate also?

        • Kash

          So far there hasn’t been any thing about her suing the guy’s estate. Personally The only one who should’ve been able to sue Porsche over this accident would’ve been the driver’s estate, then depending on that case’s outcome should’ve determined who everyone else could sue. So if Porsche was found responsible for the accident for whatever reason then Walker’s daughter could sue Porsche, but if it was ruled driver error then Porsche wouldn’t be liable and no one would be able to bring a case against them over this.

          I don’t think she had enough evidence, I think Porsche settled just to keep things quiet. I haven’t heard about the settlement on any news networks.

          • FultonKBD

            Definitely, if there is/was any inclination that Porsche “knew” that the seatbelts they installed were suspect and installed them anyway, I agree that they probably settled to keep this as quite as possible.


    • jh

      Good point! Might work in ‘Merica 😉

  • Honda NSX-R

    See, if companies build more cars without nannies like you purists keep demanding, then shit like this will happen more often. 😛

  • Honda NSX-R

    I’ll also say this: Sueing Porsche for Paul Walker’s death is like blaming Boeing for 9/11.

  • getoffme

    Illogical. You take the risk, you pay for it.

  • John

    absolutely hate BS like this…. Porsche should countersuit Paul’s family for not teaching Paul to obey the speed limit on the road and the USA government for not enforcing the law.

    • Vassilis

      Walker wasn’t driving mate.

      • John

        doesn’t matter… the point is to blame others and get money out of it.
        sue them for not teaching Walker to make good friends that obey the laws.

        • Vassilis

          Don’t be silly.

          • John

            tell that to Walker’s dad and daughter =p

  • Merc1

    This is bullshit. I can’t believe they would pay out on something so bogus. This was damn near a racing car, being driven at double the limit on a public road. How in the world is that Porsche’s fault? BSBSBS.


  • brian

    Another tard who thinks they can drive a full blown race car out there with limited experience

  • Six_Tymes

    we’ll never know all the facts. slim chance i know, but for all we know Paul was yelling SLOW the F down man… and the seat belts really did malfunction. horrible.

    • jh

      Really? how do we know? Asking out of interest!

  • Kash

    To me this says any accident in a Carrera GT now opens Porsche up to a lawsuit by the victims.

  • Blade t

    I’m sure Paul wouldn’t have wanted the lawsuits to happen. He was a car guy with a nice collection of fast cars. I hate to say it but he died doing what he loved ,but it sucks because he wasn’t driving at the time….

  • Liam Paul

    I got a speeding ticket because my car went faster than the speed limit, I am going to sue somebody over this lol

  • Blanka Li

    The portion of the street they were on was a rising off-camber right hander. At the speed Rodas was driving (reports vary between 95-110), my completely uneducated guess is they lost traction on the right side for a second, regained it briefly but over corrected, spun and hit the tree. There was evidence of a spin. IMHO, speed and stupidity were the primary factor, the seatbelt being stuck a secondary issue but one that can happen in any vehicle under the right circumstances. We’ll never really know. I’m surprised the Rodas estate wasn’t sued, if anyone was going to be sued. Bottom line: A child lost her father, someone she loved and misses.

  • Justin Spencer

    It amazes me how little common sense some people have. He was in a car driving twice the speed limit, putting other drivers lives at risk and then tragically crashed. You don’t turn around and blame the car manufacturer…..it’s his own fault! Meadow should learn the concept of taking responsibility for your own actions!

    • Nordschleife

      Logic is usually outweighed by emotions for most people.

  • brn

    Makes me want to buy a Porsche.

  • Johnny

    This is BS, Porsche lawyers should have countersued and judge should have dismissed this frivolous lawsuit, for the only reason that Roger Rodas has MODIFIED the car. Usually when one modifies a car he risks the cars manufacture warranty to be Voided. Walkers father & daughter should have sued Rodas estate, but we all know they won’t be getting millions from the estate compared to Porsche deep pockets. Not to mention going double the speed limit on a public road.

  • Dariush

    One of the finest Porsches ever crashed by a Z class actor…. whatever.

  • Steve Cohn

    His daughter reportedly was awarded $10.1 million from the estate of Roger Rodas. This is in addition to the amount awarded from Porsche.

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