New Tesla Semi Truck Rendered Into Reality

Tesla has delayed the premiere of its all-electric semi-truck until November 16 but thanks to Peisert Design, we have an excellent idea of what the truck will look like.

These renderings are based on the alleged Tesla semi prototype recently snapped on the back of a flatbed in the U.S. As such, we get a chance to see how the electric automaker has employed a raked windscreen and side windows that taper upwards. Additionally, the lack of a front grille will ensure the Tesla semi stands out and looks unlike anything else.

Other interesting design features of the Tesla semi includes its aerodynamic wheel covers and the availability of a large wind deflector which can be fastened to the top of the truck.

When the Tesla semi launches, it is expected to offer a range of between 200 and 300 miles, meaning it’ll be best suited to inner-city use rather than cross-country journeys like many diesel-driven semis.


  • Six_Tymes

    well, the October design image does look less like a star wars roaming tank, I cant recall the actual name but you get the idea. anyway, my point is, this new design looks pretty good.

    • Mill0048

      lol The Sci-Fi nerd in me wants the Feb design, but the efficiency geek in me wants the Oct design.

  • Craig

    Why couldn’t something like this [Or any electric vehicle for that matter] have a Honda Generator on board to charge the batteries?

    • Status

      Because it wouldn’t be an EV if it did, as an onboard Honda generator would make it more like the Chevy Volt. The big push here is for Tesla to improve battery chemistry for a higher density of Kw within a fixed volume.

  • Dennis James

    Such a self-driving truck should definitely look as non-aggressive as possible, maybe even be pastel-colored, in order to minimize the anxiety of seeing such a beast in the mirror and also knowing that it has no driver and can be hacked and used as a weapon at any time (or whatever thoughts traffic drivers may have when seeing such a thing)


    • How many Teslas have you seen hacked roaming the roads?

      • kello3000

        It’s still a valid point tho. Make no mistake, they _will_ be hacked, albeit the hacker will probably try to cover her tracks and make it look like a malfunction (in contrast to actual malfunctions).

        And btw, this is not tinfoil hat stuff, just a basic fact good to acknowledge.

        That said, to make most of my time I’d still prefer an autonomous car for commutes. 😉

        • How many airplanes have been hacked? The built in tablet, sure, but how many planes were taken over by hacking?

        • dean

          no, you do have a tinfoil hat

      • Bash

        May be somewhere, one of these hackers is sitting in his basement six feet under the ground and is still trying to break the code or whatever. lol
        just wait for it, give it few more years. lol

        • Status

          Brute force calculations are where computer excel. Also, the world’s best and most capable hackers don’t live in basements.

  • cat

    ¿Will it have ludicross mode?

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    “but thanks to Peisert Design, we have an excellent idea of what the truck will look like.”

    You mean thanks to a photograph don’t you? Without the photo, we’d not have this rendering that looks identical to the photo.
    Nice job by the designer but it’s hardly his “idea” of the truck. And honestly it looks a little amateurish…not the rendering, the actual truck. At the very least it looks very light duty.

    • ive not claimed that this design is mine, its an enhanced version of the leaked image. the feb design though was.

      • Auf Wiedersehen

        Exactly…You haven’t claimed that, but Carscoops did. As I said, nice job but Carscoops needs to stop making shit up.

        And Bravo on the Feburary design. It looks way better than what they have, though likely far less aerodynamic. Still better design.

  • Blade t

    Elon is always looking ahead….

  • dean

    deliveries to begin in 2718 at the rate of 2 per year, if history tells us anything

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