Sounds Like 2018 Lincoln Navigator Should Have The Competition Worried

The all-new Navigator wants to put Lincoln back on the map of the premium full-SUV land but can it deliver?

On paper it should, as the Navigator now comes with a fully-aluminum body that sheds 200 pounds off its back, a cavernous cabin lavished with luxurious materials for seven passengers and a modern twin-turbo V6 with no less than 450hp.

The third row of seats enables fully grown adults to sit in comfort while clever packaging ideas include an adjustable shelf in the boot in order to make the split hatch easier to use.

Lincoln also gave the Navigator pretty much everything you could want in terms of equipment: heated and cooled seats which are also 30-way adjustable, the latest SYNC3 infotainment, a WiFi hotspot, a 20-speaker audio system as well as a clever Trailer Backup Assist system, a 360-degree camera, a digital instrument cluster and more. Way more.

However, the new Lincoln Navigator must prove itself out there in the real world if it wants to successfully challenge rivals like the Cadillac Escalade and the Mercedes GLS-Class, and judging by Edmunds’ latest video, the signs are really positive.


  • Not My Cup of Tea

    The Mercedes GLS-Class has nothing to worry about—at all. I can see the Cadillac Escalade worried as its reliability is abysmal.

    • Nick099

      The Merc and the Caddy are rated the same by JD Power.

      • cooper

        My neighbor owns a luxury suv transportation company. He was tired of having his fleet in the shop, and finally sold all his Escalade’s. He now owns all Lincoln Navigator’s.

        • Nick099

          I am sure there are anecdotal “evidence” all over the place.
          But that is what JD Power is reporting.

          I drove Crown Vics for years….tranny’s went in the first 5k and water pumps broke like gangbusters.
          Brakes were always terrible. That is my first hand experience…does it make it a fact? It’s anecdotal.

          We have the Ford 250 with mysterious brake and ABS problems going back more than a decade that Ford refuses to address. Is that anecdotal as well? is all over the net, consumer sites and NHTSA.

          What I can tell you from conversations with facility managers is that Ford has one of the best vehicle programs tailored to businesses. They will sell you more car, truck or whatever.. than the competition for less money. That is their strength.

    • MarketAndChurch

      Cadillac currently sells more Escalade’s (26,000) than Mercedes does GLS (23,000) and as of the past 3 years, has easily outsold the GLS.

      I see both of their numbers slightly dipping to make room for the Navi.

    • LWOAP

      Well, at least someone who fixes those Escalades will have job security.

  • Six_Tymes

    the side, side windows and overall shape sure looks like Suburbans

  • Shane

    They’ve definitely stepped their game up since the previous models.

  • Craig

    Very nice. But at 5’10” tall – he looked BIG in the Navigator. I’m 4″ taller. That said… I like the burgundy interior. It’s nice to see coloured interiors coming back. I wonder who quick it is to 60 mph.

    • brn

      He looked big in the third row, but that’s the third row. It’s intended for small people and it looked like it could handle a six footer with no problem. The first two rows looked like you’d have plenty of room to spare.


  • Rocket

    The grille is a little over-the-top for my tastes, but they nailed the interior. Simply beautiful!

  • Nick099

    Over-stressed mouse motor hauling huge mass makes for a lot of maintenance.

    I prefer a big, powerful under-stressed engine… a lot more fun and less cost.

    • brn

      At 510 ft-lb of torque with a ten speed tranny, this motor is less stressed than any of it’s predecessors.

  • ErnieB

    That interior is pretty sweet!

  • David

    If it is fully electric then yes everybody should be worried…..including Tesla.

  • brn

    I see a lot of carryover from the Flex in the new Navigator.

    • nellydesign

      I’ve owned a Flex and sat in the Navigator. There is literally nothing shared, and I’m using the term “literally” correctly. Not a single interior trim piece or component is carried over. The Flex was the old Volvo-derived D3 platform. This is the all new F-150 platform with aluminum construction. Even the Ecoboost powerplant is all new and makes 100 more horsepower than anything you could ever get in the Flex. So what you are “seeing” isn’t actually reality.

  • MarketAndChurch

    In certain colors, I’m not really a fan of this car, and I still can’t fully get into the headlights. I wish there was a darker chrome option for the grille. That said, it’s a really nice option for those who want something different.

  • TheBelltower

    Not awful. Better than I would have expected from Lincoln. The interior is very nice, and I actually like the big freight-train front end. But why wouldn’t the 2nd row seats be power operated? Raising the seat from the reclined position looked completely clunky and inelegant. I buy a 100k bus, and I’m supposed to operate my seat manually like a common poor? 😉 The rear design is just bad. In traffic, it’s the most studied part of any car.


  • Bash

    IMO this is way better than the Caddy for sure, and that GLS is way back in the line and so old to be even mentioned here.

  • SteersUright

    Nice interior, but this red lunchbox on wheels will never pose a threat to established, classy, refined segment leaders like the GLS, Q7, and others. They fail to realize that what made the original Navigator great was its presence, along with its promise of excess luxury (which it never really quite delivered) and comfort. This new one might have the luxury down, but the exterior is a mess of bland and garish, and not at all a beautiful nor stately design with any real “presence”. The headlights alone, chrome mirror caps, chrome door handles, chrome wipers (!!) and tucked in, hybrid looking wheels are so Ford they should be immediately removed and tossed in the trash as they’re utterly unbefitting of a $70k vehicle. What a shame. They’ll never get their $70k asking price for this so prepare for the massive 5 digit rebates.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    I thought they canceled Dr Ken? Is there NO END to these car review YouTube channels?? Good lord!

  • Trackhacker

    Yeah, the School Bus drivers should be worried. Kids will now mistaken these with an actual school bus since they are HUGE! lol

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