Vladimir Putin Wouldn’t Mind Driving An Electric Vehicle From Tesla

Russian President Vladimir Putin has revealed he wouldn’t mind driving an electric vehicle from Tesla.

According to Bloomberg, Putin was speaking at an energy forum in Moscow yesterday when someone asked if he would be willing to drive a Tesla. Putin reportedly responded “Why not?” and then went after the questioner by asking “What do you think? That we’ll only be riding in carts or something? No, we won’t be riding in carts.”

Despite the apparent counterattack, Putin says he likes “light, fast, and efficient” electric vehicles made by Japanese and American companies. However, he doesn’t believe they are eco-friendly as much of the electricity that is used to power them comes from fossil fuels such as coal.

Putin says natural gas is a better solution for automobiles as he believes it is “much more environmentally friendly than electric cars.” Of course, it is worth noting Russia is one of the largest suppliers of natural gas and an increase in demand would certainly prove helpful to the country’s economy.

While Putin wouldn’t mind a Tesla, his next ride will likely be a luxurious limo which is being developed as part of Project Cortege.

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