Here’s A Take On The Facelifted 2019 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

It’s hard to believe that more than three years have passed by since Dodge first introduced us to the Charger SRT Hellcat, isn’t it?

During this time, the super saloon has proved its credentials against some very powerful machines, coming out on top in most cases. An entirely new generation of the Charger and Challenger will reportedly make their way onto the market in 2021, but before they do, Dodge will update both cars in 2019.

So what should we expect from the two popular vehicles? Well, according to Enoch Gabriel Gonzales’ vision, plenty of visual drama, as his renderings are very optimistic, to say the least.

The photoshopper has focused on the range-topping version of the Charger, the SRT Hellcat, fitting it with new bumpers and lights and toning down some of its aggressive lines. While the front end looks quite nice, the rear isn’t exactly appealing with those gigantic taillights.

Of course, we will have to wait at least one more year before seeing what the FCA-owned brand has in store for the Challenger and Charger, and if their upgrades will include any work carried under the hood of the Hellcats, although with 707 HP at their disposal already, we doubt anyone would mind if Dodge left the supercharged V8 well alone.


  • Rot


    • Stigasawuswrecks

      Ugly stick beating victim.

  • txsupra11


  • Bo Hanan

    Daisy’s?! dfuq…

  • No.

  • Two-Doors Only

    I still regard the early and original two-door as the only Charger.

  • Honda NSX-R

    Oh hell no.

  • Six Thousand Times

    FCA just don’t have enough dough to afford that much change, particularly, a whole new roofline. They’re going to do just a little nip and tuck on the way to gradually winding down Chrysler/Dodge.

  • Leconte Dave


  • Thomas Elkins

    The front is ok, everything else is not.

  • Bash

    No no

  • eb110americana

    “…with 707 HP at their disposal already, we doubt anyone would mind if Chevy left the supercharged V8 well alone.”

    CHEVY?! You mean Dodge? Chrysler maybe? MOPAR? FCA perhaps?

    Also, a big fat “NO” to that design.

  • Matt

    Please don’t take away/tone done it’s aggressive lines. So much that doesn’t sit well with me as I see just a hodge podge of different designs from different cars that ends up not flowing well at all.

    My biggest wish would be to make the interior higher quality. Take away plastics on the shifter/steering wheel and all other places where hands /elbows touch & add better plastics or better yet real aluminum/metal/carbon fiber, leather or suede where fisher price plastics/switches/buttons are now.

    They won’t because fca has little money plus money is put into bigger screens and tech which does sell and do realize they put most $$ into the engine/drivetrain.

  • Jason Miller


  • Jim Ragland

    How about dropping that…and come with a new car already.

  • LeStori

    Looks decent for an American Car. Should get out a hammer and smash it up a bit and then it will look like an American car.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Enoch is the guy who did that awesome Lancer/Evo render, right?

    If so, I can safely say that this is not his best work.

  • Belthronding Tinuviel


  • Christian

    nice Volvo

  • Craig

    At first I didn’t like it. But it grew on me. I like the taillights.

  • João Ricardo
  • pxsupply

    Super ugly Camaro clone

  • Marcos Drawer
    • Nick099

      That concept was the best.

    • cyrylthewolf

      The 80’s called…

    • Harawanagangsta

      Dodge Stealth

  • dumblikeyou2

    “seeing what the FCA-owned brand has in store”. Another bankruptcy if this is the direction the Italians are pondering.

    The rear end looks like an idea of what the future of cars would be in 1990.

  • pjl35

    Do you all understand what a FACELIFT is? In what world does that result in entirely new sheetmetal? what a joke.

  • Eagle By Singer


  • Nordschleife

    Well with those tail-lights people cant say the rear end of the Stinger looks like the Challenger anymore. I don’t mind renders overall but I am not impressed with this one.

  • Enoch Gabriel Gonzales

    Hi guys, I’m the one who made that render. This is the first time i did american muscle. This was inspired by italian designs and the porsche panamera. The rear is ugly, I know, and I did that on purpose, same as what volvo did with the S90, mitsubishi with the montero sport and mazda with the miata. It’s experimental and takes getting used to. By the way, your opinions are always welcome.

    • Nick099

      Don’t listen to the negative comments too much. You did a great job and I agree, the rear needs something. Also, the FCA twins need to be wider…like the new wide body package they are offering on the Challenger. Otherwise, these cars look too narrow.

      • The existing package needs to remain. A lot of tow trailers are not designed for the wide-body Challenger as it is. I’m highly confident that it wouldn’t be able to fit a Charger either.

    • Harawanagangsta

      The only bit of Panamera on the whole car is the C pillar and rear quarter window. The only bit of Italian design is the octagonal fog lights (which look bad and out of place).
      The main inspiration is in the front. where the lower half and the center grille are clearly a direct copy and vertical stretch of the Mustang GT350. Headlights, hood, fenders, and where all three meet are based on the shape of the current Camaro. On the rear you gave up and put some mid 90s volvo taillights on the back end of a telsa p90d.
      Respect for coming on the article. But this is honestly an offensive assault on the visual senses. Why you would make your render look like a horrible freak monster on purpose for a mockup of automotive design prediction is concerning.

  • What_Tha

    Holy shit that’s horrible.

  • DC

    Don’t mind the front but the rear is rude.

  • S3XY

    He put his name on the front. Lol.

  • ediotsavant

    Enough of these stupid photoshopped articles. If you haven’t nothing to print, then don’t print anything!

  • wait a minute

    like it was an older model before the current one. Backend looks like its been rear ended.

  • Cameron

    This is a joke right? Lmfao

  • I’m not a huge fan of the redesign renders. The 2016/2017 Charger Hellcat is already well-designed as it is. The headlights are perfect. The rear end is the regular Charger look.

    I think any changes should enhance the existing design, not replace it.


    What the fuck did he do to this thing?

    My god, this thing took the mother of all beatings for the ugly stick. Good lord.

  • Nikolovski Nikolce Nidžo


  • cyrylthewolf


  • DJ

    Looks like an EVO crossed with a SEAT Ibiza

  • Fabrizio Mariani

    UH, I prefer *much* more the 2012 SRT one…

  • antbee

    Aww, hell, naw!
    Taking away those awesome tail lights would be a big big mistake! This rendering looks hideous in the back. Those tail lights look like old Concorde and Intrepid tail lights, but bigger and frownier.
    The front looks fine, but I want to see what it looks like at night. If it doesn’t look like a mean monster machine, like the current one, coming towards me, forget it! Oh, and that red rendering of the non-SRT Charger, is terrible! Just say, “no,” to the crosshair grille!
    Are those white headlight surrounds supposed to be functional, or are they just painted on decoration?
    I guess I better get one before 2021, used of course.
    I know it’s just a rendering, but you never know with Marchionne!

  • Harawanagangsta

    You should feel bad about making this. Go away

  • Harawanagangsta

    I have a feeling this publication is a money laundering front. No one is this incompetent in their field. Then again. Affirmative action.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Dodge’s best seller is currently the Grand Caravan so…yeah, about that…

  • Bandit’s Dodge Stealth

    These look like the 2000s Pontiac GTO and G8……. MISFIRE!

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