New Nissan XTerra Leaked: This Is The New Navara-Based SUV

Nissan is getting ready to debut the SUV version of the NP300 Navara pickup truck but a pair of grainy photos spoiled the surprise.

This is apparently the new Nissan XTerra, Paladin or Pathfinder, depending on which market it’ll become available and unlike previous Navara-based SUVs, this time the company took the time to make it look a bit more different than the model it’s based on.

The front end now features wider headlights and what appears to be a different bumper and hood while the differences continue towards the rear, ditching the hardtop pickup truck look of its predecessors for a more modern SUV style.

The images come courtesy of the Chinese and burlappcar, showing both ends of the new Nissan body-on-frame SUV.

The cabin is expected to be big enough for seven passengers while the 2.3-liter dCi turbodiesel engine will be carried over from the Navara, paired either to a six-speed manual or a seven-speed automatic transmission.

The new Nissan XTerra is expected to be launched initially in Asia, with more regions to follow at a later date.


  • Eunos

    It doesn’t look that bad.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    If this was the Pathfinder, I’d be fine.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      it is, in the US.

      • pjl35

        No…the Pathfinder is now unibody and a cross-over, not truck-based.

        • john1168

          and the Pathfinder has a CVT whereas this has a 6 or 7 speed manual/automatic transmission.

      • Tumbi Mtika

        The current US Pathfinder is FWD Unibody. This is RWD Body-On-Frame.

      • dsulli37

        You’re wrong, carguy

  • I’mCallingYouOut

    It’s definitely the best looking Nissan in a while, but I don’t think it captures the magic of the original. It was so new and fresh back in it’s heyday.

  • Anonymouse

    The battle of the PPV’s is just getting started! Philippines and Australia is waiting for your arrival!

  • Nordschleife

    To be in under the XTerra name it looks a little soft. But for a Pathfinder. I dig it.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      It is a Pathfinder in some markets, for example US. X-Terra is no more in the US.

      • pjl35

        again, incorrect. see reply above.

        • no25

          Literally read the article. It says it’ll be called the Pathfinder in the US. Just because the Pathfinder is a crossover now doesnt mean it can’t go back to its old roots.

          • pjl35

            Literally re-read the article again yourself. There are no references to the United States in it AT ALL or discussion about it being the next-gen Pathfinder here.

          • Six Thousand Times

            Probably best if you steer clear of “literally.”

  • SteersUright

    Always loved the Xterra, hope they do bring it back and it looks way more rugged than this weird thing.

  • Mark S

    With Nissan putting a Bunch of $ into a New U.S. Frontier that will be different from the Navarra any U.S. Xterra will likely be off of that. This would male a good Pathfinder.

    • dsulli37

      Won’t happen

  • What will the Mercedes variant be called?

  • Six Thousand Times

    Looks promising. Sadly, we’ll sit this one out in North America. They may see it in Mexico.

  • dolsh

    Now that Acura has gone and un-uglied their front ends, I think it’s time for Nissan to follow.

  • Dorick McXeyo

    Really hope this is NOT the body design for a new Xterra. In the famous words of Homer J. Simpson, a famed car designer himself…… “boring.”

    I bought 3 Xterra’s over the years because they looked like a true adventure SUV and they were tough as hell.

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