Musk Says Tesla Cars Will Automatically Take Passengers To Their Destinations

Elon Musk has suggested that future Tesla vehicles will be capable of automatically taking their owner to his or her destination.

When prompted by a Twitter user saying it would be cool for a fully-autonomous Tesla to take them anywhere, the company’s chief executive said, “It won’t even need to ask you most of the time.”

Using AI technology, the car could learn an individual’s routine and take them to their desired location on any given day. For example, if an owner gets in their car at 8 am Monday to Friday, the car could realize they’re going to work and automatically commence the journey.

As intriguing as such a system sounds, it would hardly revolutionize the way we use cars. After all, it isn’t exactly hard to touch a navigation system a couple of times to take you to a given destination.

Last week, it emerged that Tesla is well behind schedule with the introduction of its widely-touted semi-autonomous driving features. While Musk claims the firm’s hardware is ready for Level 5 autonomous driving, a leading GM executive recently claimed this isn’t possible.


  • salamOOn

    yeah, coool this, coooool that….. james should take a cab next time….

  • Craig

    I’m not comforted by that idea at all.

  • Leconte Dave

    I’ll pass

  • ace_9

    I am personally looking forward to the future filled with a lot of self-driving cars. Not because I would like to have one, but because I hope it will eliminate sheeps without slightest sign of driving skill. If more than 50 % of cars would be self-driving, they would drive far more efficiently and safely and they would pay much more attention to other cars than most of the drivers today. And I would be able to drive around them and pass them whenever I want without constantly expecting and preparing for dangerous or stupid maneuvers of other cars.

    • pureworx

      whats to say these autonomous pieces of crap wont behave like lane hogs and police the speed limit? if they are prevented from going into the overtaking lane then great..

      • ace_9

        It is actually in our traffic laws (Slovakia) that slower cars must let faster cars overtake if it is safe to do so. Unfortunately most of the drivers here think that if they are going precisely at maximum allowed speed then they can teach other drivers not to overtake them by blocking everybody. They don’t care about the fact that they brake too much and it takes forever until they actually reach that allowed speed. In their mind nobody can go faster under any circumstances. So I hope that on double or triple lane roads, the autonomous boxes will go nicely and orderly just a little bit below speed limit in one lane and overtake only when really necessary, so the overtaking lanes will be free. And they should be also easier to overtake on single lane roads. The real problem could be only in really heavy traffic. But again, without sheeps creating unnecessarily long spaces or being afraid to go into roundabout or merging too soon through single white line, the traffic jams would be much less common.

        • pureworx

          ah sheeps that leave huge spaces.. i hate them.. here in the uk on my commute to work there is a junction which splits a 3 lane into 5.. the left most lane splits in two for straight ahead traffic and and offshoot for left turn traffic.. i hate them wankers who site there with 2 car lengths in front of them preventing me from making the left turn when the lights green.

          • ace_9

            Also typical situation here 🙂 Not that much people actually know how to drive on standard roads and they are not trying to improve because they never realize how awful and stupid their driving is. I would put them all into self-driving boxes…

        • Sébastien

          Leaving space isn’t the issue: changing lane constantly creates longer traffic jam.
          It’s all about smoothness, machines will do great unlike humans

  • Blanka Li

    Another day, another piece of Musk BS.

    • Rocc E. Normyss

      So true. I tire of his words.

  • pureworx

    what james wants already exists .. its called a taxi.. you get in and say your destination then sit back till you get there.. it also helps put food on the table of someone who may not have the chance of getting a professional skilled job.

    • Status

      I can be sympathetic to the driver if they are doing the job to get by, but if the taxi drivers are unreliable, surly, rude, and stuck in the same heavy traffic you thought you were escaping by using a taxi, then I can’t put their job security at top of mind.

  • G82FS

    “a leading GM executive recently claimed this isn’t possible.”

    GM executives can barely get out of their own way much less have meaningful input on technology that is beyond their comprehension…

  • Rocc E. Normyss

    No thanks…. ever!

  • EyalN

    and the stock is go in up again. soon tesla will worth more than apple. he just needs to finish delivering all the orders he got for model 3. 260 cars in the last quarter, just over 400000 left if they are not all going to cancel orders.


    Still a ways away from full autonomy Elon. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

  • Charlie Medina’s Smiling Coach

    Unless its your first day, anyone needing sat nav to find their way to work each day should be immediately be fired.

  • TheBelltower

    I’m fine with autonomous cars. I’ve driven plenty of Teslas and have a Model X on order. I use adaptive cruise control constantly. But I gotta say, I prefer to steer the car myself. Accelerating and braking is fine for a computer to do, because there’s plenty of time to manually hit the brakes whenever you feel uneasy about the car doing it. But by the time you realize the car miscalculated a turn, you’ve hit a tree or a kid on a bike.

  • europeon

    > capable of automatically taking their owner to his or her destination.

    Only *his* or *her*? Problematic.
    tsk tsk

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