Ferrari To Unveil 2018 F1 Car On February 22

Ferrari has announced that it will unveil its 2018 Formula One car on February 22, four days before pre-season testing starts in Barcelona, Motorsport reports.

The Italian marque confirmed the news at its annual pre-Christmas media dinner in Maranello. According to company president Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari will again be fighting for the title next year.

Numerous regulation changes will be implemented next year. Most significantly, all teams must adopt the controversial ‘halo’ in a bid to improve driver safety. Additionally, the FIA has banned the use of T-wings and shark fins for the 2018 season, prompting teams to dramatically alter the designs of their vehicles.

Throughout the first half of 2017, Ferrari was viewed as a serious contender to Ferrari and looked set to claim its first driver’s championship since 2007. However, numerous failings in the second half of the year, and a resurgent Lewis Hamilton, relegated Sebastian Vettel to second in the championship and Kimi Raikkonen to fourth.



    “Throughout the first half of 2017, Ferrari was viewed as a serious contender to Ferrari”

    Did by any chance you guys hire that News Editor yet because if you did, he’s clearly asleep on the job.

    • lagunas3ca

      Was thinking the same thing.

  • lagunas3ca

    Interesting to see who replaces Santander after 10 years.

    • I genuinely thought Santander would follow Alonso but they stay at Ferrari

  • Don’t forget that in pre-Christmas annual dinner, Marchionne announce that Ferrari resigning at F1 is a serious threat and he will do so if their interests is not fulfilled.

    • I wouldn’t worry, they do it almost every year. Pram and toys springs to mind. If I was Liberty Media I’d call their bluff and see if they’ll finally get a pair of balls and for once follow up on their ‘threat’.

      I know Ferrari have been in F1 since the start but they really need to drop this childish God like status they give themselves. F1 CAN survive without them.

      • Yep it’s so serious that Marchionne needs to remind the media about it, yes one of the attraction of F1 comes from Ferrari but since the Red Bull domination era they keep complaining how they can’t win and it’s bad for them. That’s what competition is all about.

        • Exactly. If they were still winning world championships over the last few years then I’m sure their view would be magically different.