Ferrari Will Increase Production To Meet Demand, Rumors About An SUV Persist

Ferrari plans to boost its production capacity as the target for 9,000 cars per year is going to be reached a year earlier than originally scheduled.

The Italian supercar maker will double its assembly shifts to two a day in 2018 according to Bloomberg, which cites sources familiar with the matter.

This production boost is part of Sergio Marchionne’s plan to double Ferrari’s operating profit. The plan also includes the expansion of the company’s range of models while maintaining the exclusivity of its more expensive supercars.

More and more reports also talk about Ferrari planning to launch an SUV, which will help it exceed the self-imposed 10,000-car production limit. The goal is to reach an operating profit of about 2 billion euros per year ($2.35 billion) by 2022.

Last month Ferrari revised its 2017 profit target upwards as the launch of limited-edition models, such as the FXX K Evo, help it achieve its profit goal two years early. Ferrari is expected to earn about 1 billion euros this year, before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization.

Ferrari expects to build around 8,400 cars in 2017, with the number going up to 9,000 cars in 2018.


  • Elmediterraneo

    They have to replace the weird FF/GTC4Lusso by two separate models :
    – An SUV 4WD and 4 wheel steering with a Biturbo V8 670 hp
    – A 4 door coupe for those who wants a classic GT with 4 seats and space but not an SUV
    Both models should be available in V8 for the torque, the consumpiton and to keep a short front end because in front engined Ferrari, the engine mounted in a mid-front position and not a classical front position, which extends the bonet’s lenght.

    For the Portofino’s replacement it should ditch this heavy mechanical hard-top and replace it by two separate models, a classic Coupe and a fabric roof for the Roadster. Which is the Mercedes’s strategy for the future SL type R233. And only available in V8 of course. And if it’s sportier and lighter, I see it as the perfect competitor for the new Aston Martin Vantage and the Mercedes AMG GT.

    And then for the 488’s blooline, they just had to imporve and answer to the McLaren 720S was savage !
    And finally the 812’s lineage, the exclusivity of the naturally aspirated V12 at the front like all the classical Ferrari, and it deserves to completed by a convertible version.

    • GTC4Lusso is compromised by Luca di Montezemolo, he manage to keep the SUV idea out and invent 4wd shooting brake instead.

      Are you sure to put Ferrari brand down to Vantage and AMG GT level? That’s more like entry sportscar market.

      • Elmediterraneo

        The Ferrari brand is already “down” as you say it because the Portofino is comparable to what could be a new generation Aston Martin Vantage Roadster or a Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster.
        There’s nothing bad to have an entry level sportscar. That’s why I think the Portofino’s replacement should switch from a hard-top convertible to a classic coupe/roadster combination, that will make it lighter.

        • That’s where they used to position Maserati, as an entry level brand before you make a jump to Ferrari.

          I think Portofino is summed up first buyer Ferrari, those who just want the prancing horse without realizing how fast or how dynamic the car is.

          Remember the rumored “Dino” with a V6 Turbo. I think that suited your Ferrari product plan mate.

  • Marchionne is the best hypocrite of them all, now he is going to double the output and take the exclusivity out of Ferrari (As of Ferrari is exclusively these days).

    And apparently that special edition is a way to maintain exclusivity these days.. so expect to see them regularly.

    • Elmediterraneo

      You can’t think in 2020 the way you were thinking in the 1980’s !
      In that time Ferrari’s only competitors were the Porsche 911 Turbo for the 348/355 models and the Lamborghini Countach/Diablo for the 12 cylinder models. Those days are over now !
      Today there is so much choice and quality on a lot of segments : McLaren, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes-AMG, Audi Sport, BMW M that now anybody could threat anyone in his own specialized market.
      Marchionne is a business-men and he has to do what’s best for the future of his company.
      Whether it’s Ferrari or not, capping your production in a such competitive market and such high demand is an industrial suicide. The demande is higher than ever, other brands brands beat their records each year, so a customer loss for that fake-exclusivity bullshit is a customer won by Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren or Aston Martin remember that.
      So killing this handicap of the capped production is a good news for the Ferrari’s future.
      They had to make an SUV and a 4 door coupe to boost their sales and don’t talk about “exclusivity” anymore for two reasons :
      – 1st : everywhere there is a money you will see a lot of Ferrari
      – 2nd : Making SUV’s didn’t stop other car makers to make sportscars, on the contrary, it provides a lot of revenues that could be reinvested in R&D to develop better supercars. You’ll fund much easily the Porsche 918’s R&D with profits of Macan’s sales than funding the LaFerrari’s development with 458’s sales.

      • Unfortunately you don’t get business of luxury item in general… You see it’s about demand and supply, that is why you had to maintain exclusivity. Otherwise is you supply too many products in the street, you will dilute the brand and customer could be lured away by exclusivity. They aren’t like us or most of the people here, they care about exclusivity and bragging rights.

        It’s like Supreme or one of those Yeezy Adidas, you could get other shoes why would you want to be in line for product you can get at other brand. The key is exclusivity, Ferrari still manage to lure customer who are loyal to their product, And remember not all Ferrari buyer are enthusiast.

        Who said I’m against SUV? I’m open minded to all types of vehicle, and reserve the judgement when they are being review or they are in the street. And you can create good SUV, ask Land Rover about that.

  • SteersUright

    The 2 most beautiful Ferrari’s made today: the LaFerrari and the 488. Damn that black LaFerrari Spyder is stunning, but I’ll take the coupe. The upcoming 488 update looks to be even more beautiful too. The rest of the lineup you can set on fire and nobody will notice 20 years from now. One problem, the 488 uses a turbo motor, blasphemous! Please correct this Ferrari! Save your turbos for your upcoming SUV’s, the hideous GT4C/FF thing, and other Ferrari poseurs that get the prancing horse badge slapped on their ass for some reason or another.

  • alecs

    I afirm and repeat: SUV are boring cars, compared with Maranello use to produce, in terms of cars…


  • Bash

    I definitely vote for the SUV.

  • smartacus

    Careful Sergio.
    You are already diluting the brand
    by producing more than 7,000.

    a Ferrari is not like a regular car.
    They don’t end up in a junkyard
    after 30 years of daily service.
    They last and last. That’s why
    most of them are still out there.

    If you turn Ferrari into a mass production company,
    it will not be such a sight to behold anymore,
    thereby harming the exclusivity
    which makes up 60% of its desirability.

    • But we do see them ended up in Junkyard… Remember when 308 were cheap and a lot of them get scrapped for parts.

      But yeah they just really harm the exclusivity. That’s why you ended up with waiting list.

  • Vassilis

    As a lifelong Ferrari fan this makes me a little sad. But it does help the company’s finances. Please no SUV though.

    • Oh they won’t call it SUV. They will call it high riding sport activity bull$***something vehicle, which is kind of bother me they had to make an excuse for it….

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