Japan’s Supercar Culture Is Unlike Anywhere Else

The car culture in Japan is unlike anywhere else in the world, filled with locally-produced sports cars, the latest and greatest supercars, and a tuning industry that’s more prolific than anywhere else on earth.

On a recent trip to Japan, New Zealand drifting star Mad Mike decided to create a documentary highlighting Japan’s custom supercar culture and the video is well worth a watch.

One of the heroes of the nation’s supercar culture is Wataru Kato, the man behind Liberty Walk. Preferring to set trends rather than follow them, Kato has single-handily created some of the wildest supercar creations anywhere.

At the other end of the spectrum, many Japanese have a love for American cars, turning them into desirable lowriders and affixing all kinds of bling. If you want to stand out on U.S. streets, some simple colored neons under your car will do the trick.

In Japan, you have to go ten steps beyond that, creating wacky wheels, paint, and anything the locals consider fun. If that means installing an exhaust that stretches 10-feet into the air, that’s what the Japanese will do. They don’t care what others think of their cars, as long as they express their personality, it’s a job well done.


  • metric

    What I love about watching videos from Japan, is the pride the people thake in their country. Look at all the street, parking lot or even shop footage…..there is no trash. It literally looks like a Disney set.

  • alexxx

    True passion…

  • Howstar

    Admire the unbias passion. They just do what makes them happy and others simply accept it.

    • LWOAP

      I’d love to see more of that stateside as well. But that doesn’t happen. There’s too many douche’s running around.

  • Ary Wisesa

    Huge respect for the Japanese! Japan is really clean, hi-tech and has the perfect blend of tradition and advancement. The only thing I don’t like about Japan is the astronomical living cost in Tokyo (and other major cities). LOL…

    And yes, you can find so many weird and quirky cars on their streets, from very cute but a bit peculiar kei-cars to heavily modified supercars. And it was truly an awesome sight when during a casual walk you see this: you walk on the zebra cross, and suddenly a bright orange Mazda RX-7 (that looked like it’d taken out from one of Fast & Furious movies) stopped and the driver politely let you walk across safely. Coming from Jakarta that has so many ignorant drivers who don’t have good manners towards walkers, this kind of act is simply touching.

    I really like Japan and the Japanese people.

  • Dave

    “I like to start trends, not follow them” I couldn’t love that sentiment more! A lot of customizers over here say things like that, but few actually do!!