Leaky Fuel Lines Prompt The Recall Of 50,000 Audi A6s And A7s

Do you drive an Audi A6 or A7? Be careful, because it could spring a fuel leak.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced the recall of nearly 50,000 of them from the 2012-14 model years for just that reason.

The problem comes down to a compression point in the fuel line, which could weaken, potentially resulting in a leak. And since leaking fuel could start a fire, the issue is apparently being taken seriously.

The issue is restricted to models equipped with the 3.0 TFSI engine, so owners of models otherwise motivated needn’t worry. The manufacturer estimates 48,693 vehicles will be affected in the United States alone.

They’ll each need to have their fuel lines replaced in a recall campaign expected to get underway on February 5. So if you have one in your driveway, you can expect to hear from Audi between now and then so you can arrange to bring your car in for service.

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  • BlackPegasus

    So how many owners had to replace the fuel lines on their own dime before the recall was announced?

    • Six_Tymes

      it wont be long now before this problem at least, becomes a thing of the past.

      • It will take at least 30 years before the ICE is replaced…unless we can make a phenomenal breakthrough in battery tech, which is still over 100 years old, the ICE so still rule the day…

  • Tex

    Ah…the pleasure the status seekers get by driving junky luxury cars. And CRs dared say that Audis have had better reliability lately….NOT!

    • nastinupe

      I’ve owned a 2012 A7 for 5 years now and it’s been great. I actually already had this recall done. For some reason it’s the second one that’s occurred for the same thing. We got the first recall over a year ago.


      But the A7 has been the best car I’ve ever owned and I came from Honda. My Civic and Acura TL had more issues that my A7 has had in the same number of years. I also have a 2006 911 and it’s also been great and has over 70,000 miles on the clock now.

      I believe that those negative views of German automotive companies came from dealing with them in the 70’s and 80’s… but what car didn’t suck back then?

  • VW/Audi autos have been plagued with fuel system problems for decades…you would think they would have figured out how to fix this…German ingenuity an all that blah, blah…

    • Malik

      I am beginning to think it might be related to ethanol. Ethanol is not good for internal gasoline. It might have certain effect to erode the fuel pipeline or fuel line for that matter. Good for environment but bad for the car.

      Even Ford has the similar issues.

  • Ben

    This should not be happening. Surely the price these vehicles demand should dictate better quality. That’s why I only buy Japanese now, so over the hype of German “engineering”.

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