Maserati Extends Production Shutdowns To Mid-January, Says Report

Maserati’s planned production shutdowns over the holiday season will be reportedly extended in order to reduce vehicle stocks.

The Grugliasco and Mirafiori factories will stop producing Maseratis until mid-January, Automotive News reports citing union sources.

The Grugliasco factory, which builds the Ghibli and Quattroporte models, will remain closed for four weeks and up until January 15 when last year the facility was shut for three weeks over the Christmas and NY holiday period.

Similarly production of the Levante SUV at the Mirafiori plant will stop from December 20 to January 15. Last year the line was stopped for only one additional day beyond statutory holidays and weekends. The Modena factory, home to the Granturismo and Grancabrio, is going to reopen on January 8 after stopping production on December 15.

Maserati declined to comment on the shutdown schedule while the FIOM union head Federico Bellono said that he was unsure if the longer production stops is caused by the declining sales in China or a structural decline in general sales. “It is clear that production is slowing down and investment in new models is on hold,” he said.

JATO Dynamics analyst Felipe Munoz said that despite the Levante competing in a fast-growing segment, its sales are falling “faster than we could expect at this point of its product cycle. This is hard to explain but worrying for the brand.”


  • TB

    Just extend it indefinitely…honestly they can’t compete on any level…so what’s the point…

  • DM

    They should spin off Maserati and Alfa like they did with Ferrari. Ferrari is doing great, so hopefully Maserati can replicate its success by improving quality and components. Or better yet.. SELL MASERATI TO VW!!! I hate to say it but they money to spend and Lamborghini seems to be doing just fine. I’d love to see Maserati at the same level as Ferrari or Laborghini.

  • A Brown

    Sell Maserati and Alfa to Tata/JLR

    • Leconte Dave

      No thanks…

    • Bo Hanan

      JAG and Maserati compete with each other. Not a good idea.
      Hyundai, however, would return Maser to its former glory.

      • A Brown

        I don’t think they really compete, they attract different audiences, but it would give them more scale and can leverage the same platforms and tech for greater economies

      • A Brown

        I don’t think they appeal to the same audiences and they’d benefit from economies of scale
        Hyundai, no thanks.

    • Eduardo Palandi

      it would be better to sell Lancia to Tata/JLR

      • A Brown

        Lancia is dead

  • Bo Hanan

    “shutdowns over the holiday season will be reportedly extended in order to reduce vehicle stocks.”
    -that’s you Mr. ALFA Romeo!

  • Matteo Ruggeri

    Not “Says Report” but “Says Numbers”.
    Italian cars exported to China (Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari and Lamborghini) compared to month of previous year.
    October 2017+23.9% (World, including Fiat +17,4%, total sales value 2,3 billion)
    September 2017 +36,6% (World, including Fiat -1,4%, total sales value 2,1 billion)
    August 2017 +92%
    July 2017 +49%
    June 2017 +91%
    May 2017 +522%
    April 2017 +298%
    March 2017 +473%
    February 2017 +486%
    January 2017 +361%
    December 2016 +266%
    November 2016 +139%
    October 2016 +243%
    September 2016 +164%
    Istat source.

    • europeon

      Also, European and US sales look pretty much on the same rising (yet slower) trend.

      My guess is they overestimated the production numbers based on much more favorable sales predictions. Also, it’s not the first time they shut down the factories this time of the year – there are reports from the previous years of factory shutdowns”

      • Ed Ward

        Chrysler money wasted on trash brands.

        • Matteo Ruggeri

          Maserati and Alfa were born in 1914 and 1910, respectively. They aren’t trash brands. In USA Chrysler is on market with only two models, but in Europe we are worse off with Lancia (1906) with a single old city car sold only in Italy. Lancia brand is pratically dead, Chrysler not yet.

          • Ed Ward

            Jeep IS Chrysler idiot, Chrysler is not only a brand, it’s a Company, a company that makes 80% of the company profits, Fiat only brings in 20% of company profits. Chrysler is literally funding these OLD UNWANTED ITALIAN BRANDS. Chrysler is old as dirt too but it’s profits are going to brands (Alfa and Maserati) that didn’t even earn the money. Now look, NO ONE IS DRINKING THE ALFA KOOL-AID. pathetic how Sergio wasted Chrysler’s money on Alfa Romeo.

  • SteersUright

    Hard to explain!?!?! Does nobody at Maserati have functioning eyeballs? Their interiors look nasty and ripped out of a Chevy Malibu. The Levante is butt-ugly and in fact, almost the entire Maserati lineup is too. They all look like half-assed Ferrari’s instead of beautiful machines in their own right.
    Maserati needs to own the crossover segment and come out with the most beautiful crossover anyone has every seen. Why is that so hard to accomplish? This segment sells like hotcakes and Italy is renowned for beautiful design. No excuses, take a chance and make it happen. Not this Levante abomination.

    • europeon

      > Does nobody at Maserati have functioning eyeballs? Their interiors look nasty and ripped out of a Chevy Malibu.

      Apparently it’s you that doesn’t have functioning eyeballs.

      • SteersUright

        Calm down, I was talking about a product, not your mother. And if Maserati’s are so great, then why can’t they sell any? Period, point proven. Doesn’t matter how much you personally like them, what matters is the markets reaction to a product and this determines the brands survival. Maserati will not be around much longer if they do not significantly step up their game.

        • europeon

          I am really calm, you are the one that seem to have caught the same brain disease Ed Ward is suffering from.They sell a lot for a brand like Maserati.
          Do you even know how many cars they sell and what were your expectations that they didn’t met and made you so angry?

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