Nissan Titan To Be Offered With A V6 Engine, Will Debut In The Frontier First

The pickup wars are heating up and Nissan North America’s senior vice president of product planning has hinted the Titan will eventually be offered with a V6 engine.

Speaking to Wards Auto, Michael Bunce said “A new Frontier is on its way and a V6 is more geared toward that segment.” However, he added “Both [trucks] are built in the same plant in Mississippi, so that opportunity is being looked at for Titan also.” Bunce declined to say when we can expect the engine to be offered in the Titan but he suggested the V6 will likely debut in the Frontier first.

Little is known about the upcoming engine but Nissan expects it to appeal to companies and consumers who are looking for a work truck and don’t need the power of a V8. The V6 model should also be more affordable than the V8 variant which starts at $29,580.

While Titan sales are nowhere near rivals such as the Ford F-150 or Chevrolet Silverado, Bunce said the company is “fully behind” the Titan.

When asked about the possible return of the Xterra, Bunce said Nissan is “very, very closely” looking at the segment and noted the model could appeal to male Millennials. He went on to describe the Xterra as a “great asset” which could be utilized in the future.

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  • Lloyd Anthony D Peters

    …..It’s just so damn ugly, tho. American trucks are by no means beautiful. ( It’s hard to make a truck sexy unless it’s a Ute. Just my opinion. Lol) But they are at least handsome.

    The Titan looks like that weird looking cousin you don’t bring up very often. Come on…. everyone has one….

    • Six Thousand Times

      It’s not the worst looking of the bunch, though.

    • Vanishing Boy

      I strongly agree, the previous generation had more character than this lump. The only beautiful things that this truck has are the frame and that delicious Cummins engine.

    • diesel_vdub

      It is rather unattractive, but the Tundra by far is the most hideous. That horrid looking thing needs to be wiped from the face of the planet along with everyone involved with it’s design and development.

      • Dmitry Semenov

        I like Tundra design a lot, especially 2018 Tundra Platinum and their spacious interior.

  • songoku64

    Why dont they just use the twin-turbo v6 in the q50/q60?

  • Mickey Jones

    So he said a Frontier is coming (they’ve been saying that for 4 years now), it will have a V6 (like every other mid-sizer), it might be the same V6 offered in the Titan because they are likely to be built in the same plant (no brainer).
    So he didn’t really say anything… oh yeah, looking “very closely” at Xterra.

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