Meet The World’s First Street-Legal Aston Martin Vulcan

With only 24 Aston Martin Vulcans in existence, it was only a matter of time before someone would turn this track-only monster into a fully compliant road car.

Unlike the McLaren P1 GTR, which was already based on a road car and therefore was easier to be converted for use on the public road, the Aston Martin Vulcan was never meant to set foot on the tarmac outside of a race track, making the achievement of seeing this particular example even greater.

RML Group undertook the project of converting the Vulcan for road usage with Aston Martin’s approval; they didn’t just want to make the car compliant with regulations but they wanted to turn the Vulcan into a more usable car, without spoiling the raw character of it.

Things like adding proper headlights to the clamshell bonnet, turn signals on the giant rear wing or door mirrors are just some of the revisions that went into creating a road-legal Vulcan, with RML Group also retuning the suspension and the engine’s software, as well as creating a less aggressive front splitter for obvious reasons.

Courtesy of Lovecars, this is what went into making the world’s only street-legal Aston Martin Vulcan.


  • Bo Hanan

    “No rear window?” I love it! And long live naturally aspirated high performace engines.
    I absolutely love the impracticalities of this car.

  • The tiny details matter, such as the plastic covers for the rear lights and the turning signal on the wing. Absolutely loved it and I hope the AMOC member who own it will use the car and show it off to public.


    and i really want that forester

    • Belthronding Tinuviel

      good choice.

  • McF1

    Absolutely phenomenal. Wouldn’t it be great to have this Aston Martin Vulcan.
    It is impressive that the owner wanted to make the Vulcan road-going.
    It was very brave of the owner to allow the car to be driven on the road by others considering it is worth about US$2.3 Million, and I hate to imagine how much it cost to convert it to be road going.
    Probably fair to say that other Vulcan owners will be seeking out the services of the RML Group. The work that they have done is extraordinary.
    The only detail that I am not 100% happy with is the look of the indicators on the rear spoiler, but they are very effective.

    • It’s actually more of like “unofficial” sanctioned by Aston Martin, they already have demand of road legal cars but they can’t make it in house or risk that they had to conform it with regulations (crash test, emissions and etc.).

      So what they do is they gave permission for company (in this case RML) to perform this conversion, therefore they avoid government red tape.

      That’s what happened with Mclaren and Lanzante.


  • Cross

    That guy is the real life Q from James Bond lol! He sounds exactly like him, just explaining the car.

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