An Electric McLaren Sedan Would Be An Interesting Porsche Mission E Fighter

McLaren is adamant that they won’t build an SUV, as sports cars and supercars are what their brand is all about, but what about a four-door model?

Such a vehicle would inevitably become a more expensive alternative to the Porsche Panamera, or, if it gets a zero-emission powertrain, the upcoming Mission E.

A rendering, posted by Jose Rodriguez Nebreda, shows us how a hypothetical four-door McLaren would look like, and the result is quite good, actually.

Notice that it doesn’t have a lot in common with the new 720S, adopting a unique styling with muscular lines, a very long hood and headlights inspired by the ones in McLaren’s Sports Series range.

If McLaren decides to enter the all-electric super-saloon segment it will have to do battle not just with the Mission E but Aston Martin‘s RapidE , too, and of course the all-conquering Tesla Model S. Well, Elon Musk’s company has had the segment to itself for quite some time, so it could use some competition…


  • gor134

    Looks like a Fisker Karma/ Karma Revero

    • Bash

      Damn, you beat me to it.

    • Same here Bash, I was about to say it’s a mash up of Karma with Mclaren front and end.

  • Not really a quality rendering IMHO, the center is Karma and the illustrator didn’t translate Mclaren style into this rendering.

    • jsz00

      When is an unofficial rendering on this site a quality rendering? Never.

  • jsz00

    Nah I think they should build an SUV first

  • SteersUright

    Idea is awesome, but I sure hope it looks NOTHING like that rendering. McLaren would be foolish not to do a crossover, SUV, thing. Look at what its done for the profit margins of other brands and soon enough, all of the exotic car makers will have one too.