2019 Chevrolet Silverado Unveiled, Drops 450 Pounds, Gains Straight-Six Diesel

The Chevrolet Silverado is one of the most important vehicles that General Motors makes so it comes as little surprise the company decided to unveil the truck at the North American International Auto Show.

Set to battle the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500, the 2019 Silverado eschews the conservative styling of its predecessor for a bolder design that helps the truck to truly stand out. The front end is fairly evolutionary but bigger changes occur further back as model adopts new bodywork which features gentle creases and strong character lines.

Eight different variants will be available including the new Silverado LT Trailboss. The off-road focused model builds on the Z71 package and includes a two-inch suspension lift, a locking rear differential, and skid plates. The truck also boasts Rancho shocks and 18-inch alloy wheels with Goodyear Duratrac off-road tires.

Another new addition is the Silverado RST which is based the LT variant and adds a “street-performance appearance” to the truck. Chevrolet says the model has LED lighting units and up to 22-inch alloy wheels.

While the exterior styling is a bit of a departure, the cabin should be instantly recognizable to owners of the previous-generation pickup. Chevrolet says the cabin was “strongly influenced by customer feedback” and features an additional three inches of rear-seat legroom in crew-cab variants. The truck also boasts new interior storage options including two 10-liter bins integrated in the second-row seatbacks and a 24-liter storage tray underneath the rear seats.

The Silverado is 1.6 inches (41 mm) longer than its predecessor and rides on a wheelbase that has grown by up to 3.9 inches (100 mm). Despite this, the truck’s weight has been cut by up to 450 pounds (204 kg) due to the use of lightweight materials such as aluminum. The latter material is used on the doors, hood, and tailgate and this helps the truck’s body weigh 88 pounds (40 kg) less than before.

The weight savings extends to the Silverado’s fully boxed steel frame which is also 88 pounds (40 kg) lighter despite boasting a 10 percent increase in torsional rigidity. Other weight savings come from the suspension which features forged-aluminum upper control arms and a live-axle rear suspension with carbon-composite second-stage springs on LT variants.

The 2019 Silverado will be available with six different engine and transmission combinations. Chevrolet was coy on specifics but confirmed choices will include a new 5.3- and 6.2-liter V8 as well as a 3.0-liter Duramax six-cylinder turbodiesel. During the press conference, GM executive vice president Mark Reuss said “I’m not going to go into the numbers today, but some of our competition have given numbers on their diesels, and let’s just say I’m confident that we’ll have the best performing diesel in this segment.” That is a clear shot at Ford which recently released its specifications for the diesel-powered F-150.

On the transmission side of the equation, GM confirmed the 3.0-liter diesel and 6.2-liter V8 petrol engine will come with an all-new 10-speed automatic transmission as well as a start/stop system. The V8s will also have a Dynamic Fuel Management system which can deactivate up to seven-cylinders to optimize fuel efficiency.

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  • Six_Tymes

    I like this new style, it looks a bit more unique. but how did they drop the 450 lbs?

    • All In The Text

      “…Despite this, the truck’s weight has been cut by up to 450 pounds (204 kg) due to the use of lightweight materials such as aluminum. The latter material is used on doors, hood and tailgate and this helps to truck’s body to weigh 88 pounds (40 kg) less than before.”

    • Six Thousand Times

      Aluminium and lightweight steels. Impressive, actually.

    • Matt

      Read the article

  • Vanquish

    i like the outside it looks new and modern but the interior looks pretty bad especially compared tothe f150 and ram

    • Matt

      Yeah I’m not a fan of the inside either. Was just in a new f150 the other week and though I don’t think any full size trucks have a great design or materials, the new Chevy falls below its competition imo. The abundance of fake chrome makes it look cheap.

    • SgtBeavis

      Agreed, I want to like this but that dash work is terrible looking. Ford didn’t really update the interior design much for 2018 so their 3 year old interior still looks better than this.

    • outbackandy

      Yea, they should of just went with what the Tahoe interior looks like, more flows together not a bunch of boxes here and there.

    • Nordschleife

      I think the F-150 interior sucks too at least from a styling standpoint.

  • Chris Fame

    I find everything about this truck impressive. Exterior, the weight lost, diesel engine. The interior is not a wow factor but it’s still a good upgrade. I’m liking everything so far.

  • Farhan Vladimir Lorenzo-Krause

    Lovin’ it so far!!!! 😀

  • Karl

    Well done Chevy! This truck is a looker and will tighten the sales race,over to you Ford!

  • no25

    my opinion: do i love it? no. do i like it? yes!! In fact it looks better than the old one by a long run! I just do not like the grille with “CHEVROLET” written across it. looks awful to me. Interior is blah to me too.

  • Paul

    The interior looks awful. The rest though, I like a lot.

  • Jweisberg

    The interior is better than the current model but is still in last place when compared to Ram, Ford and even Nissan. The exterior design looks okay. I am more interested in the 3500,4500 and 5500 guess I’ll have to wait till March.

  • ErnieB

    Why did they ruin the interior!!

  • Dennis Scipio

    I like how the Tailgate has the words “Chevrolet” spelled out.

  • Nut Donut

    American full-size pickup trucks have its frames made of paper, so 40 kg (88lbs) drop in this particular part is a very interesting move. Yes, yes, I know it very very well. Of course now the new frame is made of HSS, more stiff (10% increase in torsional rigidity), but what if one want to put 200 kg (440 lbs) on a bed? Oh no, I forgot, APT are for haul, not for carrying goods. This is why this trucks are popular in North America only.

    • eb110americana

      What are you talking about? The current trucks can carry around 1700-2200 lbs. in the bed depending on engine, drivetrain, cab, bed, and trailering package. How much more do you need to carry back there?

  • Six Thousand Times

    The weight loss is laudable even if the damn thing’s gotten even bigger.


  • Ilbirs

    I’m curious about this 3.0 straight-six Duramax specially considering that after the full acquisition of VM Motori by FCA, maybe some unfinished projects could be have been continued by GM in a solo journey but still retaining some reminiscences from the maker in which the group had a 50-percent stake. When looking at VM Motori engines’ history you see a wide use of modularity, like what could be seen when looking at the 425 OHV (four cylinder), the 531 OHV (five-pot) and the 638 OHV (inline-6), essentially the same design and differing only in the number of cylinders. Considering the fact that a three-liter engine can be obtained by putting two more cylinders on a 2.0 four-pot, maybe we’re seeing something derived from the RA 420 found in previous-gen Cruze Diesel and we can expect 2,986.5 cm³ in displacement (the 1,991 cm³ from the RA 420 plus two cylinders). We must remember that besides the fact that the RA 420 was discontinued for passenger car applications, it was an Euro-5 compliant powerplant, meaning it’s a design that can be more easily adapted to pass on stricter norms and the task being less difficult considering the fact that trucks doesn’t need to emit that so few pollutants required to a passenger car. I’m waiting to see more about this new Duramax.

  • Mark S

    A modern chiseled look that is a huge improvement over the last one. I actually like it. My real problem is, its just to damned big, they really need to dial back a bit. The front end is a couple of stories high, I see no practicality in that. I would like to see the Colorado with this look and a diesel with around 240hp.


    when is the new tahoe/suburban come out?

  • *_brutal3_*


    • Matt


    • LWOAP

      Another bot account copy and pasting comments.

  • Bash

    Still not my favorite.

  • Craig

    Things aren’t looking good for the new RAM.

  • Navy P. Morroccan ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Since I have seen more variants of the Silverado LT Trailboss, the design grew on me with the High Country, along with the LTZ (I assumed) or (Premier) model dressed in blue. The trucks do look evolutionary with prominent touches to the LED headlamps and front fascias, as well as rear fascias, which I am not a fan primarily the tailgate and rear tail lights. I still think the current generation looks better and was a vast improvement for GM’s full-size trucks of this era. But I would still choose a 2018 Ford F-150 Limited over these all-new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado because it seems like 50 percent update from the 2018 Chevrolet Silverado.

  • eb110americana

    Looks like the Silverado went from a somewhat awkward cry for attention, to the best looking truck in the business. The F-150 looked good before the refresh, and looks even better now. The old RAM was also a classy contender, but this just has the perfect blend of ’60s Chevrolet optimism with some nice modern sculpting in the bodyside and front jowls. I’m not a fan of the taillights or the chunky tailgate. (I really don’t understand why all manufacturers seem to believe that they have to use the exact same taillights and tailgate on every truck, only modified by 10% to not look like a perfect clone of their competitors.) The interior doesn’t wow me in the pic, but whenever I sit in one of GM’s latest trucks, I am always amazed at how comfortable they are, and the added legroom and storage sounds useful.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Ford has the best looking 3/4 ton with the Super Duty but this is the best looking half ton, better than the f150 and Ram, and slightly ahead of the Titan which I really like. Great job to the designers, and I won’t be surprised if this outsells the f150.

  • jsz00

    Twin exhausts on a truck… it’s pretending to be an Accord V6

  • rover10

    A face full of horrors, yet it looks the part. That silly bodyline above front wheel arch does it little favours. Interior is awful. Unlike the all new Ford Ranger, this probably would not go down so well in the current Ranger foreign markets?

  • Merc1

    OMG, who designs GM’s interiors? That is a playskool looking cheap mess. Total retard interior.


  • nauticalone

    It’s an improvement (exterior) over the current truck – which really wasn’t that hard to do. But the interior “updates” are wanting! Ford IMO has much nicer interior…and more options like traditional floor mounted gear selector. Plus rear AC which GM hasn’t yet confirmed. One more thing – did GM really need to make this thing bigger?
    To close on a positive note – I do like the new exterior design.

  • dumblikeyou2

    Dude, this is gonna STOMP on the new Dodge…..I mean, Ram. Ford will have its loyalists regardless, but that’s about it.

  • smartacus

    Will GM’s 2.8 4 cylinder diesel
    stick around much longer now
    with this new 3.0 i-6 diesel?

  • Sukhoi31m3

    Nice looking truck. For someone who said they’d never do an all aluminum truck, they’re almost there. One more redesign and they’ll be on par with Ford concerning aluminum construction. I just hope the components you CAN’T see are built for good service. Be nice if the engineers concerned themselves with the rattles, bangs and booms that Chevys develop and turned me to driving Fords. And de-activating up to 7 cylinders. That just sounds like one of GMs half baked ideas…

  • Maricaibo

    A big honkin’ sheet metal box on wheels is still a big honkin’ sheet metal box. I think it’s ugly. And it will mostly sit in Suburbia’s driveways.

  • john1168

    I like it but the front is kind of weird looking. I love how it dropped 450 pounds! I like the interior myself and think it’s better than Fords. I’m really looking forward to the next Tahoe/Suburban and I hope the rumored independent rear suspension comes true.

  • Sharpel007

    Someone really loved the side of the new Odessy a bit too much, and the front end is way too busy, and horrible to passable depending on the trim.

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