California Gets A Step Closer To Banning Conventionally Powered Vehicles

California state assemblyman Phil Ting has finally introduced his bill in the legislature which seeks to ban the sale of new vehicles powered by gasoline and diesel engines.

Ting has been talking about the bill for months and we’re learning more about what could happen if it eventually becomes law.

The bill is called the Clean Cars 2040 Act and it would prevent the state from accepting original registrations for vehicles that are not zero emissions. The bill would go into effect after January 1st, 2040 and it would effectively ban the sale of vehicles that don’t use electric or fuel-cell powertrains. The bill goes also specifies “zero emissions vehicles cannot produce exhaust emissions of any criteria pollutant or greenhouse gas under any operational mode or condition.”

The heart of the bill is only a couple sentences long and it doesn’t apply to large commercial vehicles that weigh over 10,001 pounds (4,535 kg). It also does “not apply to vehicles owned by people moving into California from other states.”

In a press release, Ting said “California has long led the nation in promoting environmental protection and public health through visionary policies and technological innovations” but “it’s time that we clear the path for emissions-free transportation and take significant steps to achieve our ambitious emissions reduction goals.” He went on to claim that vehicles running on fossil fuels are responsible for nearly 40 percent of California’s greenhouse gas emissions and the bill is a “mechanism to ensure a healthier future for Californians and the entire region.”

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  • Mind Synthetic

    california sucks, apart form nice weather they got nothing but silicon titaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiissss


    Do they even have the authority to do this? At all? Couldn’t there be a challenge in the courts should this pass?

  • EyalN

    by 2040 they will use so much drugs in California that they are not going to remember what they wanted to do

  • Socarboy

    I was wondering when California was going to jump on this band wagon. Germany and Paris, France have already passed legislation banning internal combustion engine powered vehicles by 2030.

    • ChrisInIL

      Germany, France, California – all ridiculously over regulated.

    • willhaven

      Germany has not passed any laws banning ICE vehicles.

  • john1168

    Is this ban for the entire state or just the major cities? Is this just cars or does it include motorcycles, pickups, vans, busses and trucks? I would imagine that a lot of car dealership and mechanic related jobs will be disappearing?

    “Is a mechanism to ensure a healthier future for Californians and the entire region” LMAO!!! And I’m sure legalizing pot will add to that “healthier future”…🙄🤔

  • Jay

    the scary part is being alive 22 years from now. how much different or the same would the world even be..

    • Status

      22 years ago, the commercial internet was never considered a threat to traditional retail. The change will be so gradual, you’ll hardly notice.

      • Jay

        I will.

        • Status

          Make a time capsule and confirm your suspicions. Be sure to document the capsule before ‘panting’ it (say with a youtube video in a dedicated account). Best of luck.

  • Jørn-tommy Skjellnes

    California do like norway, try to ban diesel og petrol engines, its realy sad for us people who like cars with a enginesound 🙂

  • brn

    Wacky bills get introduced all the time. Does this one have any traction or are we getting excited over nothing?

  • Silimarina

    I like how some readers write some stupid comments.
    “Do they even have the authority…”
    “California sucks”
    “ridiculously over regulated”
    “its realy sad for us people who like cars with a enginesound”
    I’m not against ICE cars, but you guys forget that owning a car is not a human right.And why should i, or anybody else, should inhale your car emissions just because you want to drive a ICE car?

    • Status

      I’ll add to that where a number of Americans misconstrue their own constitution to confuse their right of free travel with “the right of car ownership”. I’m not even an American and even I know that no a single American’s civil, public, or human rights are being threatened by autonomous cars. Those same rights were not impacted by the rise of the car and the displacement of the horse, nor are they impacted by public transport systems, be they public or privately funded.

      Car ownership is ultimately a privilege that is regulated with licensing and meeting requirements of both state and insurance providers with respect to a car owners personal liabilities. Meet these requirements and pass the driving test, and you can drive a car.

      On the other hand, you still have the exact same civil and human rights in the US if you choose not to own a car….and that’s the hard part for some people to digest.

    • BGM

      This is where it becomes necessary to point out that some of the Founders were against a Bill of Rights. Their fear was that by enumerating rights, politicians would construe that as meaning these were the only rights we had.

      Flip your argument on its head: why should i have to give up my vehicle because your belief that it’s harming you? And you can make this argument about just about anything in life. Just some examples: give up meat because cow farts are causing global warming, give up plastic because it’s damaging the oceans, give up your money because other people need it more, give up drink because you may cause an accident, give up smoking because it causes cancer… In fact, let’s not have cars at all and rely exclusively on public transportation, planned and executed by our benevolent betters in government.

      Owning a car is not a human right. Having busybodies stay the fuck out of my life is.

      • Silimarina

        “why should i have to give up my vehicle because your belief that it’s harming you?” This is not a religion.Only religions are based on beliefs and not on facts.It’s a fact that car emissions are one of the biggest contributor in premature deaths. 200k each year in US alone.Plus it’s not like you will “give up” on owning a personal car.You will still have EV’s.Don’t like them? Then don’t buy a car.Stop acting like a spoiled brat and be less egoistic.Just because you want to own something, it doesn’t mean you should be allowed to.The rest of your examples are pointless.And you already have regulations on drinking and smoking.As far as i know in US smoking is not allowed in closed public places.If you want to smoke and increase your percentage to get cancer, then no one is stoping you to smoke in your home or outside.But when you want to smoke in a closed public place and force others to the same risk, then we have a problem.
        “Having busybodies stay the fuck out of my life is” when your life choices is detrimental to my life or others, that is a problem.The world is not all about what you want.
        Stop with this toxic mindset, “me and only me, fuck the rest”

    • LWOAP

      So asking if they have the legal authority to do something like this is stupid? Ok, whatever you say.

      • Silimarina

        I’m not saying you are stupid, i’m just saying that owning a car is not a human right.So yes they have the authority to do that.

  • KidRed

    “California Gets A Step Closer To Banning Visually Repulsive Vehicles” Too bad that’s not the case here…

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