Ferrari Owner Sues After Hotel Valet Gave Keys Of 458 Spider To Joyrider

Being a valet doesn’t sound that hard, right? People leave you their car keys, you give them a ticket, park their car, and then wait to return the owners’ key later on.

Unfortunately, last July, a valet at a Marriott International hotel gave the keys to a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider away to the wrong person and the hotel is now facing a lawsuit, according to News-Press.

Apparently, James “Skip” Fowler, a 73-year-old attorney, had his yellow 2014 458 Spider parked outside of the Vinoy Renaissance Resort & Golf Club on July in St. Petersburg, Fla. The supercar reportedly stayed in its location for approximately 12 hours before 28-year-old Levi Miles showed up and demanded the keys to the vehicle.

Miles told the valet that the Ferrari was his and that the ticket was inside the vehicle, which he would return shortly. The valet took Miles’ word for it and gave him the keys to the supercar. After receiving the keys, Miles, who was joined by Chloe Rimmer, sat in the vehicle for “quite a while,” states the police report. The two were probably trying to comprehend all of the buttons on the steering wheel.

The outlet states that the valet eventually gave up on getting the ticket back, as he “figured he wasn’t getting a tip.”

Miles and Rimmer didn’t get very far, as an officer stopped the driver for operating the vehicle without taillights. The police report states that cocaine was found on the center console of the supercar, Rimmer had marijuana stashed away in her purse, and Miles had difficulty operating the vehicle – which, under those circumstances, is understandable.

Miles reportedly stated that he had just met Rimmer and was trying to impress her. Rimmer asked Miles if the Ferrari was his, to which he responded, “Yeah, that’s my car.” Miles told officers, “I was just trying to impress the girl I just met at the Vinoy.”

While this sounds like an open-and-shut case, Miles claims that he isn’t guilty of grand theft, since the valet openly gave him the keys. He is, however, facing charges of cocaine possession and driving with a suspended or revoked license. Rimmer is allegedly facing a charge of marijuana possession.

Poor ol’ Fowler is now accusing the hotel and valet, 717 Parking Enterprises, of negligence, as he said he’s had to spend “significant sums” on getting the 458 Italia Spider inspected and repaired. Not to mention the legal fees he incurred after getting his Ferrari back and the now-diminished value of the vehicle.

The report didn’t state how much Fowler is suing the hotel and valet for, but we’re sure it’s a large amount. We’ve seen valets do some brainless things in the past, but this story should really make you think twice before handing your keys over to someone else.

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  • John

    reason #23423 not to valet your car.


    • SteersUright

      He’s a lawyer and apparently a wealthy one. He didn’t get that wealth by not suing everyone and everything he could during his likely mostly unethical and crooked life.

      • jh

        And exactly this ‘poor’ smug of a [email protected] attorney needs to sue the hotel to get more money. How has the value dropped because of that joyride???

        But here we go again, the devil shits on the biggest pile…

  • Kash

    cue all the “that’s what he gets for using a valet” and “I’d never let the valet my car, even a super busted beater” comments…

  • Zed68
  • Thief

    “…Miles claims that he isn’t guilty of grand theft”
    If you take something without, or unlikely to get, the OWNER’s consent it is theft….!


    Don’t blame the owner at all. I’d be pissed off too if some dumbass did some shit like that in my car and for what? To impress some thot he met on the street?


    • Bo Hanan

      I agree with you 100%! And who knows what long term damage has been done to the car that hasn’t surfaced yet. Additionally, the “principal” of it all matters too.

      • S3XY

        Long term damage? Let’s not go over the top now. 2 humanoids sitting in a car isn’t going to cause long term damage.

        • Bo Hanan

          Uh, they actually drove the car and were stopped by the police who found marijuana & cocaine in the car. So you don’t think a high 28 YO can do a lot of damage to a Ferrari??? The article also mentions “he’ didn’t know how to operate the car properly.

          • jh

            It’s a modern, idiot-proof, automatic supercar with a gazillion helper gadgets… except he crashed into or run over sth, he can’t really damage the car.

            That’s like falling on your butt because of a wet floor and sueing the establishment selling it as a concussion and trauma. Only in Muerica…

            Also: if you buy and drive a sportscar – f##@$% park it yourself and keep the keys to yourself!!!

            The driver gave his keys to the valet freely… so actually, it’s his own damn fault!

  • S3XY

    That’s a beta male right there. You never try to impress a girl.

    • Bo Hanan


    • LWOAP

      On that, we can agree.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    I’d never give the keys of my car to anyone. I park by myself in general.

  • Curly Sue

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  • GobbleUp

    don’t be so lazy and use a 488 photo when the story isn’t about a 458.

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