Pair Of Le Mans-Winning Corvettes Meet At Thermal Club

When a personal car collection includes both the first Corvette that ever raced in Le Mans along with the last one, you have to bring those two together on a race track.

Bruce Meyer is the man that holds the keys to both the iconic Briggs-Cunningham C1 Corvette that raced in Le Mans in 1960 and a C6.R that won its class in 2009.

The C1 is the #2 car entered by the Cunningham team in Le Mans but failed to finish the 1960 race, but another C1 from the same team managed to score the victory in its class.

“I’ve always been a hot-rodder, a bit of a patriot and I love to see the American dominance in sports, and in motorsports,” said Meyer to Petrolicious. “I love the American effort at Le Mans, and I decided to go see if I could find one of the original Le Mans Corvettes. So my first entry was with the C1 Corvette, and this was the very first Corvette to ever run Le Mans.”

Meyer’s C6.R is chassis 007 and comes with an impressive racing history. Despite the obvious advances in aerodynamics and chassis engineering, the racing Corvette’s recipe retained the simple but always effective formula of a big, powerful engine, just like the C1 did.

“In its career, it raced 15 races, and of those 15 it finished 1st in 10 of them, and when it didn’t finish first, in four of them it finished 2nd, and one time it DNF’d,” Meyer added. “So it’s come through unscathed, and as you see it today, is exactly how it finished Le Mans in 2009.”


  • Bo Hanan

    Sadly, the Corvette is an old mans car. No insult intended but GM needs to do a better job of marketing this car. Mid-engine won’t mean sh-lit if the car is still being promoted with grandpa-type thinking. Additionally, you don’t really hear young people getting excited about owning a Vette one day. You hear more of old people planning to buy the next/new Corvette. My boss is just this kind of person. P.S. I’m 54.

    • I don’t see the problem, those age group will buy Corvette anyway, and there is enough immigrants who wants to buy a Corvette cause they don’t know its reputation as old grands car.

    • TheHunnn

      I’m 35 and looking at buying my 3rd one here in the near future. I was 25 when I bought my first C5 and 32 when I got my current C6. I go to a lot of car shows and meets which always have a lot of Corvettes and you see plenty of people my age or younger driving them since it’s a hell of a bargain on the used car market. It is true that in most cases the car is bought by the older generation because they’re generally speaking are the ones who can afford a new, expensive toy, so GM does their best not to alienate their biggest market for the car.

      As for the car itself, when you look at the driving experience (a very mechanical car that you have to man handle as opposed to the digital feel of the Nissan GTR and the likes which can make an average driver look good since the computer will correct most rookie mistakes) the Corvette is still one of the most purely enjoyable drives. It’s powerful, handles well and can even be called practical with a huge trunk, more than acceptable gas mileage and reasonable maintenance costs. It also outperforms most of its competition for a fraction of the price.

      • Bo Hanan

        You being an exception doesn’t change the image of the Corvette. GM will attest to that. And 2 paragraphs?! Dude!

  • Love that C1 Corvette, in order to appreciate it you had to listen the car racing against it’s European rival.

    I had the pleasure in Revival to see the C1 Corvette (Replica, I don’t think we had authentic period C1 racing in Europe). And the low rev V8 noise is like music in the ear compare to high revving European.

    • Toonces

      The #1 car (from Briggs Cunningham’s 1960 Le Mans team) apparently stayed on in Europe for a few years, before being returned to this country and inexplicably restored as a Plain Jane ‘street’ Vette. Lance Miller, who already owned the class-winning #3 car, discovered the #1 car buried in a warehouse in Florida. At last report (I covered the history of the team in a 2012 article for Sports Car Digest), it was being returned to its original Cunningham condition by renowned Corvette restorer Kevin Mackay.

      • Thanks for the info! It’s amazing tolearn something new.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    “When a personal car collection includes both the first Corvette that ever raced in Le Mans along with the last one…”

    I think you mean the last one that WON. Which isn’t even that model, if I may add.

    This is the the latest one that has raced at LeMans

    • Someone being lazy as usual, I do wonder do they actually watch or research the video at least?

      • Tumbi Mtika

        I know right. It’s not a hard thing to fact-check.

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